Learn Spanish activity

Pictures are a wonderful tool for teaching children Spanish. With pictures, kids understand lots of language without the need for translation. Photographs are also a good way to introduce kids to the diversity of people and places in the Spanish-speaking world.

I have added an album of photographs with short captions to the Spanish Playground FaceBook page. Just click the photo to see the caption and scroll through the photos. The photographs are all from Spanish-speaking countries. As you look at the pictures and read the captions aloud, children hear the Spanish vocabulary for the main objects in the photo. This is an easy way for kids to learn new words and the activity also reinforces vocabulary they already know.

I use photos like these for different activities in class. I also encourage the parents of my students to use the pictures and captions to speak Spanish with their children. The captions on the photos are short and to the point. I will add more photos to the album on a regular basis.

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