Image of the two characters in the learn Spanish mini-series Nos conocemos.

We recently filmed a Learn Spanish mini-series called ¿Nos conocemos?. The five short episodes are good listening comprehension practice and review a range of high-frequency vocabulary. 

In the series, Sol and Antonio see each other several times in a park. They are sure they have met before, but can’t remember where. They try to figure it out and have conversations about school, work and hobbies like sports and cooking.

This mini-series offers Spanish input to use in different ways with language learners. Below you’ll find suggestions and a set of free comprehension questions for the five episodes. 

Watch the Learn Spanish Series ¿Nos Conocemos? on YouTube.

Comprehension Questions for Learn Spanish Mini-Series

Get the free download of ¿Nos conocemos? comprehension questions.

Activity Suggestions for ¿Nos conocemos?

  • After watching the first episode, predict where Sol and Antonio have met before. 
  • Students think of questions that Sol and Antonio should ask to figure out how they know each other.
  • Create a profile for Sol and Antonio, adding information after each episode. Invent additional details based on the information in the series. 
  • Students keep track of what Sol and Antonio have in common. 
  • Make a list of places mentioned in the series and which character is associated with each place. 
  • Write a dialog of the conversation Sol and Antonio have as they walk Luna and Max.
  • Using the series as a model, students write a conversation between two people trying to figure out how they know each other. The people can meet as they stand in line, at a bus stop, etc. 

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We would love to know how you use ¿Nos conocemos? and our videos with your Spanish learners. Let us know what activities work for you in the comments below.

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