Learn Spanish health vocabulary with this video and these printable activities.

La salud is a short video conversation about not feeling well. With this video students learn Spanish health vocabulary, how to talk about feeling sick and common symptoms. Watch the video and try the listening comprehension activities in the packet below.

In addition, be sure to check out our Spanish Videos for Kids resource page for other fun videos and more listening comprehension activities. You’ll find over 100 videos to learn Spanish on the Spanish Playground YouTube Channel.

Get Video Listening Activities

Find listening activities for 7 easy Spanish conversation videos including this one here: Listening Activities for Easy Spanish Conversation Videos.

Learn Spanish Health Pre-Listening Activities

Before I watch the video with my students, we predict what the conversation will be about. To do this, you can tell students the video is about health and feeling sick. Pause the video at the beginning just after Pamela and Juan enter, and ask students what they can see and what they think the people will talk about. For example, ¿Cómo se ve el señor en el sofá? ¿Qué le van a decir sus amigos?

Learn Spanish Health Video

I watch videos all the way through one time before doing activities. All the easy Spanish conversations videos are short and comprehensible, so students will understand a lot the first time. In addition, watching the whole video provides important context that contributes to understanding when they watch it again. You can watch the video below or on YouTube: Learn Spanish Health| Easy Spanish Conversations | La salud.

Listening Activities for Health in Spanish

Circle the Word

The listening activities include a section where students circle the body part they hear. First, read the words together. Then, watch the video a second time. When students hear one of the words, they circle the part on the stick figure. The words are repeated, so decide if you want them to circle the body part just once or each time they hear the word. 

¿Quién lo dice?

In this activity, learners identify which speaker said the phrase. Kids may be able to complete the table without watching the video again. If so, when you watch again they can check answers or fill in any they didn’t hadn’t answered.

¿Qué pasó?

This section has general listening comprehension questions about the video. The questions on the printable activities are:

1. ¿Cómo se siente Gabriel?

2. ¿A Gabriel le duele la garganta? ¿Le duele la cabeza? ¿Le duele el estomago?

3. ¿Adónde va Juan? ¿Por qué quiere ir?

¿Y tú? Personal Questions

Asking personal questions makes the video content relevant to learners and lets kids talk about themselves in Spanish. For example, the questions we included on the printable activities for the health video are ¿Cómo sabes cuando estás enfermo? and ¿Ayudas a tus amigos cuando están enfermos? ¿Qué haces?.

Of course, you can personalize the questions even more. For example, ask kids about how they take care of themselves when they have the symptoms mentioned in the video.

We hope these listening comprehension activities are an easy way to help your learners engage with the video. Let us know how they work for you!

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