These flower themed activities are a fun way to learn Spanish colors.

Talking about flowers is a terrific way to learn colors in Spanish. In addition, kids learn other important Spanish vocabulary and science concepts when they learn about flowers. Below you’ll find some of our favorite activities to learn Spanish colors with flowers.

Of course, there are endless ways to include colors in Spanish lessons. Check out this page of games, songs, videos and printable pages for a great selection of learn Spanish for kids color activities. 

Learn Spanish Colors with Flowers eBook

Use this ebook about flowers to learn Spanish colors.

This free PDF ebook uses simple verbs with photos of colorful flowers. You can project the book, print it or put it on any device.

Get the free Spanish Colors eBook Flores de Colores.  Check out our other free printable Spanish books for kids.

Printable Flower Activity to Learn Colors

Kids learn Spanish colors with this printable counting activity.

This is a great activity for kindergarten or novice learners in the lower grades. The flowers at the top of the page have the Spanish color words, so they help kids read the sentences below. It’s fun counting practice for little ones and also good for beginning readers.

Get the free Cuenta las flores printable activity  here or click on the image above.

Videos with Flowers and Colors

Arranging flowers is a great way to talk about colors and sizes. Watch and listen as this this pretty bouquet comes together!

This video about saying thank-you in Spanish also uses color words as the speakers talk about flowers. It’s great to pair with the activities above and the crafts below.

Learn Spanish Colors with Flower Crafts

There are lots of fabulous flower crafts for kids and almost all of them work well to learn Spanish colors. However, my art activities have to be easy and quick, because I have don’t have a lot of class time. I’ve done these crafts with a range of ages, and they work well for talking about spring, flowers and colors in Spanish.

Heart Flowers

This flower craft with heart shapes is easy for preschool and kindergarten.

This is a super easy craft using heart shapes to make petals. I cut hearts of different colors before class, again because I need a quick activity. We use craft sticks and a glue stick, but there are also really cute versions with paper straws.

I let kids choose the colors they want to make their flowers. They learn Spanish colors as we talk about the hearts shapes before they start and as they do the craft. When they’re done, they show their flowers and tell us which colors they used.

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake liner flowers are a quick and easy craft.

This is a simple scissors craft. Kids glue down stems and leaves and then cut colored cupcake liners to make the flowers.  It’s quick and easy, and I talk to them about the colors as they and glue. Simple crafts like this are perfect to learn colors in context.

Egg Carton Flowers

Painting is always a hit. I’ve done an easy craft with egg cartons several time. You can see a similar version from I Heart Arts n Crafts, although again we use craft sticks.

Kids paint their flowers and then describe them using color words. I give them the sentence stem La flor es _______, and they complete the sentence with the colors they used.

Finally, if you have access to real flowers, they are a wonderful way to learn Spanish colors. Bring a little spring into your classroom with a bouquet. You can describe the flowers with your students, and then use them as a drawing and writing prompt. We all love flowers!

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