Songs, poems, and printable pages with leaf activities in Spanish for kids.

In Wisconsin, the leaves have turned and a lot of them are on the ground. Leaf activities in Spanish are perfect for this time of year. Below you’ll find a variety of  songs, poems and printable pages to learn about leaves with language learners.

Spanish Leaf Video

This YouTuber style video by Pamela is a great way to talk about leaves in Spanish. She uses lots of descriptive words, and also talks about how leaves change in the fall. She also talks about the two meanings of hoja – hoja de planta and hoja de papel – and does an activity that uses them both!

Spanish Leaf Printable

This is one of my favorites leaf activities in Spanish. You can find many versions of this printable online, but I kept mine simple, so you can use it with young language learners. The only vocabulary students need is grande, mediana, and pequeña, the colors and to be able to count to 10.

Download the Mi hoja activity here or click on the image.

Leaf activities in Spanish tie language to science and the seasons.

Leaf Activities in Spanish: Songs

Otoño llegó

Children learn the traditional song Otoño llegó in preschool in Latin America and Spain. It is also recited as a poem in some places. There are 4 short lines:
Otoño llegó,
marrón y amarillo.
Otoño llegó
y hojas secas nos dejó.

You can hear the song in the video below.

Hojas, hojas

Spanish Together has a song about fall leaves that includes color vocabulary and the sentence Las hojas se caen del árbol. It’s a great song to practice color words in the fall. You can find it on iTunes and also in the Spanish Together TpT store.

Leaf Activities in Spanish: Poems

I made up a simple poem for my preschool students. We pretend to be trees and lose our leaves, so everyone needs two leaves to hold. They can be paper, artificial leaves from a craft store, or real leaves.

Soy un árbol
Soy un árbol. (Arms out like branches, each child holding 2 leaves.)
Tengo hojas. (Wiggle the leaves.)
Viento, viento, viento (Sway from side to side.)
Una hoja se cae. (Stand still and drop one leaf.)
Viento, viento, viento (Sway from side to side.)
Otra hoja se cae. (Stand still and drop the other leaf.)
Soy un árbol. (Arms still out like branches.)
No tengo hojas.

Poems are excellent fall leaf activities in Spanish.

Douglas Wright, a poet from Argentina has a number of 4-line poems about fall leaves. You can read the poems in these posts: Spanish Poems about Fall by Douglas Wright and 5 Short Spanish Poems about Fall

Leaf Activities in Spanish: Coloring Pages and Counting

There are lots of free leaf activities to practice colors and numbers.

Educaplanet has a color-by-number page of fall leaves. It makes a fun way to practice colors.

Escuela en la nube has a collection of coloring pages about fall and fall leaves, and several have Spanish text.

Life Over C’s has a fun color matching activity with leaves. It can be done in any lanuage.

Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten has a fall leaves counting activity for the numbers 1-20 that can also be done in any language.

Do you do leaf activities in Spanish in your classes or at home with your children? Please share your favorites!

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