A Spanish picture-based reading and questions to use as a la casa vocabulary activity with elementary Spanish learners.

Cats know how to use a space, and they put a fun spin on learning house vocabulary in Spanish.  This picture-based question activity is a good way to review la casa, questions and prepositions. There is also a picture-based reading that is a good la casa vocabulary activity. You’ll find the downloads and ideas for expanding on both the reading and the question activity below.

Check out our Spanish reading for kids resource page for more printable reading activities, activities for favorite picture books, and online stories. Also, be sure to see our collection of Spanish house vocabulary activities.

La Casa Vocabulary Activity and Easy Reading

The reading incorporates la casa vocabulary to describe the location of each of the cats. First, read the paragraph, finding the cats in the picture as you read. Then, expand on the house vocabulary by asking which room the cats are in and what else might be in the room.

Download the Gatos en la casa – Easy Reading with Spanish House Vocabulary

A la casa vocabulary activity and reading practice in Spanish using illustratoins of cats.

La Casa Vocabulary Activity with Questions

You can also use this picture with questions to talk about la casa and practice interrogatives, colors, and numbers. After you answer the questions on the page, you can include more Spanish house vocabulary by asking: ¿Dónde está la ventana? ¿De qué color son las cortinas? Busca una taza de café. La puerta del refrigerador está abierta. ¿Dónde está?, etc.

Download the picture-based Spanish House Vocabulary Question Activity.

Questions about a picture to use as a la casa vocabulary activity.

Expand on the La Casa Vocabulary Activity

These are a few ways you can expand on the idea of cats in a house to practice la casa vocabulary.

  • Stuffed cats are adorable to Spanish learners of any age, so they make a good prop for a la casa vocabulary activity. Place one (or more) around the room and describe them to practice furniture vocabulary and prepositions.
  • Have kids draw their own pictures of gatos en la casa. Then, they can describe their pictures as a speaking or writing activity, or use them as story prompts.
  • Do a TPR activity with a house picture and small cat cut out, and have students listen and place their cats. I do this activity with the house picture in the Sentence Building for Early Emergent Readers PDF here: Sentence Building in Spanish: La Casa. Give direct instructions such as Pon el gato en la mesa en la cocina or describe a situation: El gato tiene sueño. Sube las escaleras y se duerme en la cama.
  • Show and talk about photos of cats in strange places. Kids love this because some of them are very funny. In addition, they make great writing prompts.
  • For more reading practice, do this Spanish Reading Activity: Gatos en el baño
  • Play Buscando por la casa. It’s a version of Go Fish, with Spanish house vocabulary and questions.

We created this activity as part of our summer reading program. You can find more activities to do with your students or kids on the Summer Reading Program Pinterest board.

Do you have a favorite la casa vocabulary activity? Or a favorite activity with gatos? We would love to hear from you so we can try them too.

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