Kids learn kind words in Spanish with sorting activities, proverbs, coloring pages and a happiness project.

An important aspect of learning to be kind is understanding the power of language to help and hurt others. Spanish learners need to learn the language to treat other people well. Below you will find activities for teaching kind words in Spanish.

As teachers and parents, we need to help children become caring, compassionate people. We also need to make them aware that they increase their own happiness by being kind. We do this by giving them the awareness and language to care about others every day.

Activities for Teaching Kind Words in Spanish

Printable with Kind Words in Spanish

The phrases below are examples of the language we should all use with each other. Model these sentences regularly as you interact with kids and teach them to use them in their daily interactions.

You can download a PDF of the kind words in Spanish (white background) here or by clicking on the image.

Teaching children kind words in Spanish is an important part of language and personal development.

Sayings with Kind Words in Spanish

These Spanish sayings or refranes reinforce the idea of being kind to everyone. They also use language familiar to Spanish learners. Teach the proverbs by talking about what they mean and giving specific examples of situations where they apply.

Haz el bien sin mirar a quién. / Haz bien y no mires a quién.
El sol brilla para todos.

Download a coloring sheet and printable color poster of El sol brilla para todos here.

Kind Words Sorting Activity

Kids practice recognizing kind words in this sorting activity.

In this activity kids distinguish between kind and unkind words.  I made it as a reading activity, but it can easily be adapted for listening or speaking.

As a reading activity, kids can work individually or in pairs to sort the phrases into kind and unkind words. They can cut them apart and sort them onto a smiling face and a sad face, or they can color or mark the boxes in different ways for each category.

As listening activity, you can read the phrases aloud and kids can categorize them. To include a speaking component, kids can draw phrases and read them aloud. More advanced students can use the phrase in a short conversation.

Download the Kind Words in Spanish Sorting Activity

Recognizing Emotions

Activities to recognize emotions help teach kids to be kind.

Part of being kind is being able to identify how others are feeling and respond. One way to practice identifying emotions is with faces on balloons. Of course, you have be careful of latex allergies! You can also do this activity by putting faces on paper plates and mixing them up.

First, draw faces of different emotions on balloons and bat them around the room, to music if you like. When the music stops, everyone catches a balloon. Then, kids identify the emotion on the balloon and mention something they could say to that person. The balloons in the photo show está triste, está asustado/a, está sorprendido/a, está contento/a.

Paper Chain Activity for Kind Words in Spanish

In a post about my class rules, I included a printable for making a paper chain. The rules focus on cooperation and being respectful to each other, but you can easily expand the activity to teaching kindness in general. The vocabulary listed in the kind words in Spanish printable above work well on the links of the chain.

Coloring Pages with Kind Words in Spanish

Colorear y aprender has a set of coloring pages that focus on courtesy and cooperation with Spanish sentences about the values they depict. The pictures show situations, so you can talk about how the people are being kind to others, to animals or the Earth.

A Kindness Project

There is a wealth of information available about teaching children to be kind.  For example, I love the approach Roots of Action outlines in their 4 steps to teaching kindness. The kindness project is for a classroom or family and involves recording kind acts and then sharing them. In addition to teaching kindness, these are excellent language activities. Like language, developing kindness takes practice, so there is a natural fit.


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