Five fun activities help kids speak Spanish.

Use these easy activities to help kids speak Spanish. With these low-prep activities, kids speak Spanish as they play online games, tag, practice emotions and talk about the days of the week.

1. Listen to this classic children’s song, Los Pollitos, and sing along.

2. Make faces on balloons to show different emotions. The balloons in the photo are for practicing estoy contento/a, estoy triste, estoy asustado/a, estoy sorprendido/a. Toss the balloons in the air and bat them around. Then, everyone catches one. Ask each other ¿Cómo te sientes? Kids speak Spanish as they answer the question based on their balloon.

Easy spanish activity for kids.

3. Kids speak Spanish as they practice counting with this online Curious George game or practice sorting rocks by color with this game from Sid the Science Kid.

4. Enjoy the last days of summer by playing tag in Spanish. Tag has different names in different countries, but in Mexico it is la traes. Kids speak Spanish using these phrases as they play la traes:

Vamos a jugar a la traes. – Let’s play tag.

¿Quieres jugar a la traes? – Do you want to play tag?

¿Quién la trae? – Who is it? (Literally – Who is carrying it? / Who has it?)

Yo la traigo. – I’m it.  (Literally- I am carrying it. / I have it.)

¡Tú la traes! – You’re it. (Literally-You are carrying it. / You have it.)

Sofia la trae. – Sophia is it. (Literally-Sophia is carrying it. / Sophia has it.)

La base – safe (the place you can not be tagged)

Me salvo / A salvo – I’m safe.

5. Make a wheel to practice talking about the days of the week. Using the wheels, kids speak Spanish as they answer the questions ¿Qué día es hoy? ¿Qué día es mañana? and ¿Qué día fue ayer?  They can also answer questions like ¿Qué día viene antes del sabado?

Outer wheel – the days of the week

Inner wheel – ayer, hoy, mañana

Days of the week in Spanish for kids.


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