The blog, Pequeños Artistas, Grandes Obras, is the collaborative work of preschool and elementary teachers in Spain and Argentina. The site is a wonderful record of the art education they are doing in their classes, and it is also a great Spanish language resource.

Since I wrote this post, the blog has moved. I’ll try to find it and update this post.

Several of the posts include comments from the students about paintings. The comments are funny and imaginative and hearing what Spanish-speaking children say about the pictures is a fun language learning opportunity. The language of children is more spontaneous than that of adults, and they express themselves differently. Kids love reading or hearing what other kids say and how they say it.

The links below are to posts about Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles and Anton Skillin’s Pirate Boat with the Sails All Set. Both posts were written by a teacher in Spain and she includes what her students said about the paintings.

Talk about these paintings with your child and clarify the key vocabulary by pointing to objects in the pictures. You can use simple sentences with veo and hay, like Veo un barco, or Hay dos sillas. Then read what the students said about the painting with your child. Some of the comments are very simple, but others use vocabulary that you may have to describe or explain. They are all very fun to read! You’ll find the children’s comments on Bedroom in Arles here.

Spanish for children

This is some of the Spanish vocabulary you might use to talk about Bedroom in Arles.
la almohada – pillow
azul – blue
la cama – bed
el espejo – mirror
la manta – blanket
la mesa – table
la pared – wall
la pintura – painting
la puerta – door
rojo – red
la ropa – clothes
la silla – chair
la toalla – towel
el vaso – glass
la ventana – window
verde – green

The students also use these words in their comments:
el cuarto – room
el gigante – giant
las nubes – clouds
el bebé – baby
el salón – living room
las galletas – cookies
la leche – milk
los juguetes – toys
detrás – behind

This is a post about the painting Pirate Ship with Sails All Set by Anton Skillin. There is an image of the painting on the site with the comments of the students below.

You can use these Spanish words to talk about the painting:
la bandera – flag
el barco – ship
la calavera – skull
el cielo – sky
el mar – sea
las olas – waves
la vela – sails
verde – green
rosa – pink

The students also use these words in their comments:
la hierba – grass
la isla – island
el tronco – trunk, log
marrón – brown
atrancado – stuck
va a nacer el sol – the sun is going to come up

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