Kids learn Spanish with these easy activities.

It’s time for the Friday Five! Try these activities to speak Spanish with kids. They do not take much preparation and can be done in a short time. Activities #1, #2 and #4 are perfect for beginners. The song in #3 is appropriate for any level. Kids with more Spanish will enjoy the story in #5.

1. Watch this video about clothes. Follow up by printing these cards to play memory.  Then look at pictures with your child and ask ¿Qué lleva? Be sure to ask ¿Qué llevas tú? too!

2. Make patterns to practice vocabulary. Use this printable pattern activity or one of the ideas or printables from this post: Use pattern activities to speak Spanish to kids

3. Listen and sing the song Carta al viento. It is available as a free download from Cantoalegre. Go to their site at Musicalibre. The free downloads of music are on the tab Descargas. In the left column, click on the Colección Cantar y jugar. Click on Carta al viento in the middle column, and the lyrics, a player and the download button appear on the right. Use the player on the right to start the song. You have to use the big player at the bottom of the screen to advance, pause or stop the song.

4. Do a load of laundry and then fold clothes and put away clothes in Spanish. This is the kind of Spanish you can use.

Doblar la ropa – To fold clothes
Guardar/Acomodar la ropa – To put away clothes.
Voy a doblar estos pantalones negros. – I’m going to fold these black pants.
Dobla la toalla blanca por favor. – Please fold the white towel.
Esta blusa es tuya. ¿La puedes doblar? – This is your top. Can you fold it?
Tenemos que emparejar las medias (los calcetines). – We have to match the socks.

5. Listen to this online story, ¿Dónde está Miau? The story is interactive. It will ask kids to turn on the light, for example. During the story, it will also ask them to click on the cat they like best. The story will then be about that cat.

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