This activity consists of listening for a letter or number, and then clicking on it. It is intended for native speakers, but is a good listening exercise for Spanish language learners.  Each phrase that you hear begins la letra….or el número…Hearing and identifying these words, your child narrows the set of possible answers, and focuses on either the letters or the numbers.  It is a simple version of “listening for the main idea.”

This activity also teaches correct Spanish pronunciation. In Spanish, the names of the vowels are the same as the vowel sounds.  Pronouncing the vowels correctly is crucial to good Spanish pronunciation.  By hearing the letters pronounced correctly, your child will learn to say them correctly. Follow these steps to play:

1. Click on the link to practice recognizing letter and numbers in Spanish.

2. Click on Aprender con padres (Learn with parents).

3. Click on Reconocer letras y números (Recognize letters and numbers).

You will hear Vamos a reconocer letras y números (Let’s recognize letters and numbers), and then a phrase.

For example, you might hear

–         el número cinco (the number five)

–         la letra A (the letter A)

Click on the letter or number that you hear.

4. After five letters and numbers the game will ask you ¿Quieres volver a jugar? (Do you want to play again?)  Click on to continue playing.

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