body parts in Spanish

These activities for learning body parts are part of the website created by the Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas which is part of the Ministry of Education in Spain. They are intended for native Spanish speakers, but work well with Spanish language learners too. The Spanish audio is excellent and each game uses small sets of vocabulary.  There are four activities focusing on different sets of Spanish words for body parts. Two activities limit the vocabulary to the head and face and the other two use words for the rest of the body. Each of these activities has four levels.  The four levels are described in Step 5 below.

Follow these steps to play the online games with your child.

1. Click on this link to open a window with online activities to teach body parts in Spanish.

2. Click on the part of the castle to the left of the door.  It has one window, and as you move your mouse over that area the audio will say nos cuidamos (taking care of ourselves).

3. Click on the picture of the king and the prince on the wall.

4. Choose one of the four pictures on the left.  The audio will say elige una actividad (choose an activity).  Each of these activities uses a different set of vocabulary. These are the words the activities use:

The king’s face – ojos (eyes), bigote (moustache), nariz (nose), corona (crown), cejas (eyebrows), orejas (ears), pelo (hair), barba (beard), boca (mouth)

The prince’s face – ojos (eyes), nariz (nose), cejas (eyebrows) , corona (crown), pelo (hair), boca (mouth), orejas (ears)

The girl with glasses – cabeza (head), brazo (arm), tronco (trunk), pierna (leg)

The princess – cabeza (head), brazo (arm), pecho (chest), barriga (belly), pierna (leg)

5. The activity will start with level 1.  To change the level, click the + sign beside the number next to the word nivel (level). You will have to click the activity again after changing the level.

Level 1 – Explora la escena (Explore the scene). Mouse over the picture. When the red arrow changes to a hand you will hear that body part pronounced in Spanish.  The written word in Spanish also appears below the picture.

Level 2 – Haz clic y mira a donde va. (Click and see where it goes.) Click on the body parts to the side and watch them float into place on the outline.  The Spanish word is pronounced as the body part moves and the written word in Spanish is also shown.

Level 3 – Haz clic y coloca como quieras. (Click and put it where you like). Drop and drag the body part into the outline and place it anywhere.  There is no audio, but if you have done the other levels, your child may be familiar with the words.  You can use the Spanish words together as you do this level.

Level 4 – Coloca cada palabra (Place each word) Drop and drag the word into the correct box to label the parts of the body. You will hear the Spanish word pronounced when you put it in the box.

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