This game has been moved since I wrote this post. I’ll update the link as soon as I find it!

Your child will practice listening skills in Spanish and will also learn Spanish food vocabulary with this game. In this online game, she selects a fruit or a vegetable, according to the Spanish instructions she hears. When your child clicks on the correct item, a short text about the food appears, and that text is read aloud. With this activity, your child can practice listening for key words in Spanish.

There are three food items on the table, and the audio says Escoge una fruta (Choose a fruit) or Ahora selecciona un vegetal (Now choose a vegetable). Your child is listening for the word fruta or vegetal.  When she clicks on the correct item, it is identified in Spanish.

Click here to practice listening in Spanish and learn Spanish food vocabulary.

Follow these steps to make the most of this activity:

Follow the link and then click on Creciendo Sanos (Growing up Healthy).

Doki the dog says:

Hola amiguitos, estamos en mi cocina. / Hi friends, we are in my kitchen.

Vamos a aprender sobre las frutas y los vegetales. / We are going to learn about fruits and vegetables.

Para aprender a diferenciar las frutas de los vegetales debes seleccionar con tu mouse o ratón el alimento correcto entre los alimentos que aparecerán en la mesa. / To learn to tell the difference between fruits and vegetables, use your mouse to choose the correct food from the foods that appear on the table.

Click on Jugar (Play)

Three food items will appear on the table and you will hear either Escoge una fruta (Choose a fruit) or Ahora selecciona un vegetal (Now choose a vegetable).

When you click on the food item, you will hear the name of that food and two or three sentences about it. Your child will not understand everything, but listen together for the name of the fruit or vegetable – that is the key word. When you hear the key word, repeat it with your child.  (The information also appears as text on the screen).

If you select the wrong food item, you will hear HumInténtalo nuevamente (Hum…try again), and the game will give you a hint.  The hint will appear as text, and you will also hear the audio.  It will often mention the color, or shape of the food you are looking for.

This is the key Spanish food vocabulary used in the game:

la banana (the word plátano is used in much of the Spanish-speaking world) – banana

la cebolla – onion

la fruta – fruit

la lechuga – lettuce

la manzana – apple

la pera – pear

las uvas – grapes

el vegetal – vegetable

la zanahoria – carrot

This online game is an entertaining way to listen to natural Spanish, to practice listening for key words, and to learn Spanish food vocabulary.

Play this game in your own kitchen (or classroom) with real fruits and vegetables.  Use the same phrases – Escoge una fruta and Ahora selecciona un vegetal – imitating the pronunciation you heard online.  When a player selects a food item, make a simple sentence with the Spanish food vocabulary.  For example: La manzana!  La manzana es roja. (The apple! The apple is red.) Take turns presenting the items and choosing the fruit or vegetable.

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