Five ideas for Spanish class.

It’s time for the Friday Five!  Here are five ideas for Spanish activities. Add a little language to your weekend or to the week to come with these quick and easy games and songs for kids.

1. Watch this short video about La ropa.
Learn words for clothes with this  video Spanish Words Kids Love: La Ropa. There is a question-answer segment in the second half. Can you answer the questions?

2. Practice listening as two children describe a common word and try to guess what it is.
In this Adivina la palabra video, two children describe the word mar. The key words in the video that help children guess the word are:
nadan – swim
peces – fish
agua – water
salada – salty
corales – coral
olas – waves
deportes – sports
playa – beach
nadar – swim
bucear – scuba dive

If none of the words are familiar to your child, you can listen for them together. Then draw a beach scene including some of the words from the video and talk about the picture. Older kids can label the picture. For more ideas for Spanish activities using these videos search Adivina la palabra on Spanish Playground.

3. Print and play a board game. This is a syllable clap and count board game. Kids draw a card, clap and count the syllables and move that number of spaces on the board. The words on the cards are associated with spring.

4. Make strawberry shortcake. Use the printable picture recipe and make a simple pastel de fresas (strawberry shortcake). This printable recipe card is from Pre-K pages. It is a very simple process, but use the card to talk about the ingredients and what you will do.
The ingredients are:
pastel – cake, shortcake
crema batida (o helado) – whipped cream (or ice cream)
fresas – strawberries
Some of the words and phrases you might use are:
primero – first
ahora – now
luego – next
Vamos a lavar las fresas. – Let’s wash the strawberries.
Vamos a ponerle (crema batida, fresas) – Let’s put (whipped cream, strawberries) on it.
Ponle (crema batida, fresas) – Put on (whipped cream, strawberries).

5. Sing when you wash your hands.
This hand washing song is to the tune of La bamba. Sing it each time you wash your hands. (If you can’t remember the words, post them on the mirror.)

The words are:
Yo me lavo las manos.
Yo me lavo las manos.
Con jabón y un poquito de agua

You can find more simple ideas for Spanish activities this Friday Five post: Spanish Lessons: Friday Five for Kids

Photo Credit: Chris_Samuel via Compfight cc

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