I Spy games for kids learning Spanish can be adpated to teach vocabulary related to any theme.

Last week I read Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle’s Oso Pardo, oso pardo ¿qué ves ahí? to a class for at least the 500th time. I’m not complaining. The art, the pattern, the rhyme, the simple sentence structure – it all works to create an excellent read aloud and language learning experience. I made two I Spy games as a way to reinforce the vocabulary in the story. Download them at the end of the post.

The two I Spy games have pictures of the animals in the book. Both of them list the animals at the bottom, and kids write the number of each animal they find.

If you’re looking for more specific vocabulary activities, check out all our Spanish vocabulary games grouped by theme.

In one of the I Spy games, the colors from the story are also included, so that kids can color the animals to match the book as they count them. You can find other Brown Bear, Brown Bear activities that I do with Spanish learners here: 7 Brown Bear Activities in Spanish. If you don’t have this classic picture book in Spanish, there is a good chance it is in your local library. Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo is also available on Amazon.

Playing I Spy games in Spanish kids can practice vocabulary related to a theme, numbers, colors, verbs and prepositions.

I Spy Games with Spanish Learners

  • With young Spanish learners, look for the animals together and count as you find them.
  •  The book introduces veo and ves, and this is an excellent activity for additional practice with ver. Use encontrar too: Sí, encontraste un perro. ¿Puedes encontrar otro?
  • Working in pairs, kids can say the animal they are looking for and count out loud as they find them.
  • You can do a listening activity where you have kids color items or circle animals according to your instructions.
  • For kids with more Spanish, you can do a listening activity where you describe an animal and they find it.
  • You can also do a listening activity where you describe where a specific animal is in relation to others. Kids try to find the right one: Veo una oveja que está entre un pato y un perro. ¿La ves?

These two I Spy games do not have to be used with the book. The animals and colors are common vocabulary and there you can certainly do all the activities without tying them to the story.

Download the Spanish I Spy games:

Brown Bear I Spy Game – Animal Words

Brown Bear I Spy Game – Animal and Color Words

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