Find children's books in Spanish by searching publishers.

Finding quality children’s books in Spanish is a challenge. Searching online stores can be frustrating because often the books are out of stock, very expensive or translations of English stories. Over the years, I have found that the easiest way to find Spanish language books is to search online stores by publisher.

Check out our Spanish Books for Kids Resource Page for reviews and activities for favorite books.

Major Spanish-language publishers have titles available on web sites like Amazon, Better World Books and Barnes & Noble. These publishers are a reliable source of quality books in Spanish. Many of the books will be Spanish language originals, although these publishers also offer translations.

Below are six Spanish language publishing houses that I turn to again and again to find quality children’s books in Spanish. They all have a variety of titles available. I will mention a few books that I have used, but browse the collections to find what is most useful to you. The selection from a publisher, even within a series, can vary greatly in terms of price and availability, so be sure to read the details. Of course, there are many other publishers. If you have favorite Spanish picture books at home, trying searching for other titles by the same publisher.

Syncretic Press and Cinco Books

Syncretic Press and Cinco Books are another way to access authentic Spanish literature for kids. These companies distribute books from Latin America in the United States. Read about Syncretic Press and some of our favorite titles here.  Read about Spanish Books for Schools and Families from Cinco Books here.

Publishers of Children’s Books in Spanish


Combel is a very large publisher from Spain and searching Combel will return many results. Among their titles, they have a series of leveled readers of traditional stories. The books below, El patito feo and El pastor mentiroso, are representative, but there are many more titles in this series. Some of them include audio CDs of the stories.

The other titles below are part of a series called Zoo. I have used those books in Spanish with my preschoolers.

El patito feo

Spanish book publishers for children.

El pastor mentiroso

Children's books in Spanish by Combel.

El caballo

A Spanish book for kids from Combel.

El pájaro

Book in Spanish for preschool children.

Alfaguara Infantil

Alfaguara is a Spanish-language publishing house that serves markets in Latin America, Spain and the United States. It was part of Santillana, which was acquired by the Spanish conglomerate PRISA. Recently, PRISA sold Santillana’s trade operations to Penguin Random House. You can find children’s books in Spanish by searching Alfaguara Infantil.

The Alfaguara series Personajes del mundo hispano introduces children to famous individuals from the Spanish-speaking world such as Gabriela Mistral, Miguel de Cervantes, Simón Bolivar and Pablo Neruda.

Conoce a Pablo Neruda

Spanish children's book about Pablo Neruda.

Conoce a Miguel de Cervantes

Spanish kids book about Miguel de Cervantes.

In addition to their original Spanish language titles, Alfaguara Infantil publishes the Spanish translations of many popular English language children books.

Anaya Infantil

Anaya has many wonderful titles. The series called Mi primera sopa de libros and Sopa de libros are a good place to start for Spanish language learners.

Un perro blanco

A picture book for children in Spanish published by Anaya.



A picture book by Spanish publisher Anaya.


Al corro de las palabras

A book of Spanish poems for children published by Anaya.


Kalandraka has a series of picture books in Spanish called De la cuna a la luna that is perfect for the littlest Spanish learners. They also publish the translations of many well-known English titles. Search Kalandraka to find these titles and other children’s books in Spanish.


Spanish book from publisher Kalandraka.


Spanish publisher of children's books offers this title Miau.


Suseta publishes many fairy tales, fables and other books in Spanish. They also publish board books, collections of jokes and non-fiction titles for kids.


Many of Corimbo’s titles are translations from other languages, but they have lots of wonderful literature for children learning Spanish.

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