Children learn house vocabulary in Spanish with a magnetic board and printable task cards.

I’m always looking for toys and games to support literacy, so you can imagine how excited I am about this magnetic board for learning house vocabulary in Spanish. This is a wonderful hands-on learning tool, and it makes an excellent gift for learners or teachers!

La Casa–Tablero Magnético is a versatile magnetic house with figures of furniture, household objects and people. It includes word magnets with house vocabulary in Spanish and English for the figures. Playing with La Casa, kids can touch and arrange the pictures and words in countless ways, and this hands-on engagement helps children acquire language.

The magnetic board in the photos is available from OnlineFreeSpanish, but you can find similar magnetic boards without the word magnets.


Kids learn house vocabulary in Spanish with this magnetic board, figures and words.

Using Task Cards with the Magnetic Board

La Casa–Tablero Magnético is an excellent tool for classrooms. Students can work in groups, pairs or independently. It makes an easy, effective center, and you can pair it with task cards for a review of house vocabulary in Spanish.

Task cards are a set of cards with a single question to answer on each card. Spanish task cards are an easy way to add variety and flexibility to class. You can read more about using task cards in this post: Spanish Task Cards: Animal Vocabulary.

Below you’ll find a set of task cards for house vocabulary in Spanish to use with the La Casa–Tablero Magnético. You can use the task cards for independent work at a center, for fast finishers or for games. The word magnets and the vocabulary list on the back of the magnetic board serve as a reference for cards 1-18, and students can record their answers on an answer sheet if you choose. Students place figures on the magnetic board to complete task cards 19-30.

Task Cards for House Vocabulary in Spanish

Practice house vocabulary in Spanish with the magnetic board and a free set of task cards.

Download the task cards for house vocabulary in Spanish to use with the magnetic board.

In the PDF you will find 30 task cards:

12 cards – ¿Qué es? – Students write or say the word based on the picture.

6 cards – ¿Cuál de estas cosas…? – Students answer the questions by choosing the correct picture and saying or writing the word or the letter. The questions include additional vocabulary such as dormir, lavar, tomar agua, sentarse, etc.  If your students are not familiar with these words, be sure to teach them and practice with them before doing the task cards.

Spanish task cards let kids work independently to learn house vocabulary.

12 cards – Lee la oración y pon las figuras en el tablero. – Students arrange the figures on magnetic board to represent what they read in a sentence.

Children learn house vocabulary in Spanish with this engaging toy and task cards.

La Casa-Tablero Magnético is a engaging toy that encourages imaginative play and language development. It is an excellent choice for Spanish or English learners at school or at home.

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