Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is Sept 15 – Oct. 15. If you are looking for materials for your classes or to use at home with your kids, here are a few great resources to get you started.

1. NIE, or Newspapers in Education has lots resources for Hispanic Heritage Month. I like these because many of them are in Spanish and English. I think the information in most of them can be adapted to use with different age groups. There are also teacher’s guides for most of the topics. You can access the PDFs at these links:

Hispanic Literature and Storytelling
This bilingual supplement provides bios on Hispanic writers and their influence on literature and storytelling.
Hispanic Literature and Storytelling
Hispanic Literature and Storytelling Teacher’s Guide

Hispanic History and Politics
This bilingual supplement provides an overview of Hispanic history and politics with bios on Hispanic politicians.
Hispanic History and Politics
Hispanic History and Politics Teacher’s Guide

Hispanic Heritage
This supplement is designed to expose students to the Hispanic culture and help them explore diversity, geography and the Spanish language.
Hispanic Heritage

Hispanics Driving Success
This bilingual supplement provides bios on high achieving Hispanics in many important fields of endeavor.
Hispanics Driving Success
Hispanics Driving Success Teacher’s Guide

High-Tech Heroes: Hispanic Explorers in Science
This bilingual supplement provides bios on high-achieving Hispanics in science and technology.
High-Tech Heroes: Hispanic Explorers in Science
High-Tech Heroes: Hispanic Explorers in Science Teacher’s Guide

2. If you are looking for books related to Hispanic Heritage Month 2012, the Florida Department of Education has compiled a recommended reading list by grade level. You can find that here:
Recommended Reading List

3. The Sun-Sentinel has a set of classroom lessons and activities. It includes general information on Spanish-speaking countries as an introduction to these cultures.
Sun-Sentinel’s News in Education Classroom Lessons and Activities

4. Apples4theteacher.com has Hispanic Heritage Month printables and a list of themed books.
HHM Printables
HHM Themed Books

5. This link has bios of Hispanic Americans in the U.S. Army. You can read the page in English or Spanish.
Hispanic Americans in the U.S. Army

6. This PDF from NASA has short bios of Hispanic American Astronauts. The PDF is in Spanish.
Hispanic American Astronauts

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