Happy Spanish songs from Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam band will please kids and adults.

Music is always one of the best and easiest ways to expose kids to Spanish. Happy Spanish songs also establish a positive mood, whether you are enjoying a day at home or traveling. Latin Grammy award winner Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band has songs to make your whole family smile and add Spanish to your summer days.

Listeners of all ages will love the contemporary, happy Spanish songs from Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band. The band has been described by the New York Times as “indie pop-rock for families.” They make fabulous music!

Check out more our favorite Spanish songs for kids organized by theme.

Spanish is an essential part of Lucky Diaz’ life and music. His songs have a strong base in his Chicano heritage and the rich Latino culture of his daily life. Many of these upbeat, happy Spanish songs, such as Sol, Solecito and Piñata Attack also incorporate cultural traditions. Check out Piñata Attack in the video below.

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band has many happy Spanish songs young language learners will love. I’m going to mention a few of my favorites, but I encourage you to explore their music with your kids. Listening to clips together and choosing a song to learn is a wonderful way to discover new music and hear lots of Spanish.

If the song was not available on YouTube or SoundCloud, I have linked the title to Amazon so you can hear a clip. Get ready to smile!

New Takes on Classics

Familiarity is important to language learners. These classics invite children to sing along with words they know, yet create a new musical experience.

Sol solecito – This is such a happy, sweet summer song!

De colores

Print free posters with De colores lyrics.

La araña pequeñita

Print free sequencing cards for La araña pequeñita.

Happy Spanish Songs for Counting

Kids learn more than numbers with these counting songs. These happy Spanish songs have a bright sound and incorporate useful vocabulary and verb forms. They also lend themselves to jumping and dancing!

Contamos hasta seis – This counting song goes all the way to 10, with a small break at 6.

Vamos a contar

Los números

Happy Spanish Songs about Food

Food culture comes alive in these Spanish-English integrated songs! Delicious food is a wonderful part of life, and these happy Spanish songs celebrate two essentials – tacos and guacamole!

¿Cuántos Tacos? (The Taco Song) – Sing about taqueando and you naturally have a counting song. What could be more logical?

Guacamole Boy – This funny song about combining food traditions fits the way so many of us live!

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band won the Latin Grammy with their album ¡Fantástico!, and have followed up with more CDs full of happy Spanish songs. Be sure to check out Aquí, Allá and Adelante. Also look for their new CD, Made in LA. coming in July.

Happy Spanish songs help kids learn and love language.      These happy Spanish songs are wonderful for the whole family.      Fun happy Spanish songs by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band.


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