Teaching Spanish to kids is amazing fun, but it can be taxing. We all need materials to draw on and to motivate us. One of the best resources available is Ana Lomba’s Spanish for Preschoolers and there is a new edition on the way!  Ana is a recognized authority on teaching language to children and teaching preschool Spanish in particular. Her new teacher’s guide offers educators the best of her expertise and experience.

Spanish for Preschoolers clearly explains how to design lessons so that real language learning takes place, that is, so that children acquire whole language rather than isolated vocabulary. Don’t let the title fool you – the information extends well beyond preschool. In fact, the suggestions are appropriate for most elementary school programs, and the insight into language learning is valuable for teachers at any level. If you are a beginning teacher, this guide is an essential resource, and experienced teachers will appreciate the information on different types of activities and lesson plan design.

I will be talking about the new edition in detail when it is available. If you’re looking for resources for your classroom or school program, be sure to put the new edition of the Spanish for Preschoolers on your list for fall.

If you’re not familiar with Ana Lomba’s other work, take a look at these great resources. I especially love her story books. They teach everyday language through fun versions of familiar stories, and they come with a great audio CD.

Spanish for kids picture book


Songs for kids learning Spanish


Courtesy, confidence, cooperation - Pictures to color teach values and Spanish vocabulary
Online games to practice parts of the body, fruits, colors and shapes in Spanish