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What a fun way to review basic vocabulary in Spanish! This video is by a speech and language therapist in Spain. Children see a scene and then hear the sound of something in the picture. They identify what makes that noise.  After a moment, a picture of the object and the Spanish word come on the screen.

I love how clear these sounds are and the combination of the scene and the sound create a strong mental image. Sounds are often used to teach animal vocabulary, but the vocabulary for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, park and city are not as easily associated with sounds, so they are not usually taught that way. It is very effective and I am going to include this video as one of the activities that my students can try at home. My guess is that they will like it a lot.

When you watch this video with your child, pause it when each new scene comes on the screen and talk about what you see. Having heard the vocabulary, your child will be more likely to be able to produce the words.

Watch the video to review basic Spanish vocabulary here.

This is the vocabulary that makes the sounds, but there are lots of other objects in the scenes that you can talk about too. These words are in the order they appear in the video.

Adivina qué animal suena / Guess what animal makes this sound
el perro – dog
el caballo – horse
el cerdo – pig
la vaca – cow
la oveja – sheep

Adivina qué objeto de la cocina suena / Guess what object in the kitchen makes this sound
la silla – chair
el agua del grifo – water from the faucet
el microondas – microwave
el plato – dish
la sartén – fry pan

Adivina qué objeto del baño suena / Guess what object in the bathroom makes this sound
el váter ( la taza?) – toilet
el secador – hair dryer
el cepillo de dientes – toothbrush
agua de la bañera ( tina) – water in the bathtub
la ventana – window

Adivina qué objeto del salón suena / Guess what object in the living room makes this sound
el timbre – doorbell
Radio CD – radio CD player
el teléfono – telephone
la puerta – door

Adivina qué objeto del parque suena / Guess what object in the park makes this sound
la bicicleta – bicycle
el pájaro – bird
los niños – children

Adivina qué objeto de la ciudad suena / Guess what object in the city makes this sound
la moto – motorcycle
el silbato – whistle
el coche – car
la sirena – siren
el autobus – bus

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