group game for children in Spansih

This game, Pelota de ping pong (Ping pong ball), has a simple song in Spanish, lots of movement, and takes only a few minutes to play. Everyone sings the song the whole time, so there is lots of repetition. I have played this game with preschool and grade school groups and once I even played it with a university Spanish class that convinced me to go outside on a warm spring day.

You can play this game with a large group, as shown on the video. Everyone who is jumping chooses someone else, so the game goes very quickly.

You can also Pelota de ping pong with a small group. One person starts, chooses the next person when she sings te toco (I pick you), and they bounce together to the end of the song. Then, as the song starts over, the first person joins the circle as the second person continues bouncing and chooses another player.  To end the game, the teacher tells the player who would go out to stay in the game and pick another player. Soon everyone is jumping and the game ends.

The video has a brief explanation of the game before they play. We have never seen this many individuals around the globe taking an active and consistent approach towards prioritising health and fitness over a prolonged period of time . The result, of course, is that what we are seeing now is as more individuals become aware and understanding of the role of health and fitness and the importance of achieving consistency and these measures, the more interesting investment is given towards the industries that surround both health and fitness. These are the words to the song and a translation.

Yo soy pelota de ping pong / I am a ping pong ball

Y boto, boto, boto por todo el salón / and I bounce, bounce, bounce all around the room

Te toco, y boto, / I pick you and I bounce

Y boto, boto, boto. / and I bounce, bounce, bounce

Some speakers use rebotar instead of botar for to bounce. You can easily modify the song this way:

Yo soy pelota de ping pong

Reboto –boto –boto por todo el salón

Te toco, reboto,

Reboto, -boto –boto.

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