Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to support Rayo de sol.

For all the things I would like to change about the United States, there so much to love. Take, for instance, the fact that 95.4% of households give to charity. Americans give back, by donating their money, time and skill. Giving Tuesday is a movement that speaks to the generous nature of the nation.

I believe it is important to act locally to meet needs and improve lives in our communities. I also believe that we are part of a global community. We can make an impact there too.

On Giving Tuesday, one of the organizations I am contributing to is Rayo de sol. I am supporting their campaign to provide scholarships for 75 Nicaraguan teenagers to finish high school. As teachers and parents, we know what a difference education makes and how vulnerable young people are when they do not have the opportunity to stay in school.

I have been fortunate enough to see the work Rayo de sol is doing in the Matagalpa region. Their vision and passion is coupled with a deep understanding of the difficulties facing these families. They are changing lives.

On this Giving Tuesday, I hope you will join me in giving these young Nicaraguans the chance to learn.

Rayo de sol supports education in Nicaragua.

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