Ways to express appreciation and for giving thanks in Spanish.

Many children learn to say thank you in Spanish when they are little even if they are not learning more of the language. Although gracias is the basic and most common way of giving thanks in Spanish, there are some simple variations that you can easily teach kids.  These are a few expressions and some vocabulary that you can use for giving thanks in Spanish.

Phrases for Giving Thanks in Spanish

Gracias – Thank you

Gracias por… -Thank you for …

¿Qué se dice? – What do you say?  (to remind a child to say thank you)

Gracias por todo. – Thank you for everything.

Gracias por estar aquí. – Thank you for being here.

¡Muchas gracias! – Thank you very much!

Un millión de gracias – Thank you very much! (literally, a million thanks)

¡Mil gracias! – Thank you very much! (literally, a thousand thanks)

Dar gracias por… –  To give thanks for

Doy gracias por mi familia.

Agradecer – To be grateful

Te agradezco la ayuda. – I’m grateful for your help.

Estoy muy agradecido (agradecida) por todo lo que tengo. – I am very grateful for everything I have.

El Día de la Acción de Gracias – Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving! – ¡Felíz Día de Acción de Gracias!

Use these phrases with your children and students and encourage them to use them too. Varying common expressions is an excellent way of building vocabulary.


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