Gifts for kids learning Spanish help them stay motived to learn.

Speaking and learning Spanish is fun, and we want it to stay that way for kids. A new book or game that helps keep them motivated and engaged is an excellent gift. Here are a few language gifts for kids learning Spanish. There are ideas for a variety of ages and levels.

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Music Gifts for Kids Learning Spanish

If you are looking for gifts for kids learning Spanish, be sure to consider music. Songs are a wonderful way to learn language!

Songs by Jose-Luis Orozco for kids learning Spanish.

José-Luis Orozco has new CD called ¡Come bien! Eat Right!. It is perfect for younger Spanish learners.

Susy Dorn sings songs for kids learning Spanish.

One of my favorite artists for teaching preschoolers and kinders is Susy Dorn. The songs on Cantemos en español correspond to themes we teach children of that age. The songs use the theme to effectively teach language and concepts. My students love them!

Songs for kids learning Spanish by Susy Dorn.

Rimas y más Rimas is another excellent choice for little ones learning Spanish. Rhyme is an important early literacy skill and these short rhyming songs are a perfect way to introduce kids to the concept.

Award-winning songs to give as gifts to children learning Spanish.

Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish by Marta Gomez was the Latin Grammy winning album for children in 2014. Both Mister G and Marta Gomez make wonderful gifts for kids learning Spanish.

Kids in upper elementary grades love the pop music from the hugely popular Disney Latinoamérica series Violetta. Two of the popular CDs include Hoy somos más and Cantar es lo que soy.

This year brought great new music in Spanish that appeals to adults as well as kids. If you don’t know Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, be sure to listen to the clips from their new CD Adelante.

Sonia de los Santos is another artist recording music in Spanish that the whole family will enjoy. Her debut album is Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León To The New York Island

Video Gifts for Kids Learning Spanish

There is a Spanish audio track is available on most kids’ movies and television programs. These are excellent exposure to the language, but can be challenging for Spanish learners. The videos mentioned below are alternatives that make good gifts for kids learning Spanish.

Videos by Whistlefritz are an effective, fun way to expose kids to more Spanish.


Pocoyo is a series that originated in Spain, although it has since become popular in many parts of the world. Children and adults alike are enchanted by the low-key humor. These videos are excellent gifts for kids learning Spanish!

The Book of Life is a beautiful animated adventure from producer Guillermo del Toro. It is rich with Mexican culture, explaining El día de muertos, and a film the whole family will love.

La misma luna is a family film that puts a human face on the dilemma of Mexican without documents living and working in the United States and the loved ones they are supporting back home.

Books as Gifts for Kids Learning Spanish

La manta de Maya is a wonderful story. If you have a child learning Spanish, I recommend you go out of your way to find it. Is is one of the best read alouds I have read in years.

Llámame árbol is a wonderful reading experience for any child and perfect for young Spanish learners. It is a story to wake up to, to stretch and start the day.

The Great and Mighty Nikko is a new bilingual counting book by Xavier Garza. Readers will love Garza’s vibrant, detailed drawings of the luchadores that turn Nikko’s bed into a lucha libre ring.

I read Arriba, abajo y alrededor in my classes. It is a wonderful introduction to how plants grow and the rich illustrations make for endless conversation with Spanish learners.

The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations makes an excellent gift for Spanish learners. It is also a an wonderful gift for a Spanish teacher.

Te quiero mucho, Mamá is the book version of the bilingual song by Sara Quintanar.

Recetas graciosas y saludabes makes preparing healthy snacks a hands-on language activity.

Magazines as Gifts for Kids Learning Spanish

Chop Chop  is a wonderful cooking magazine for children. It is published 4 times a year and is available in English and Spanish. There is an option to choose the language when you subscribe. It is one of my favorite gifts for kids learning Spanish.

High Five Bilingüe (2-6 years for native speakers. Appropriate for older Spanish learners too). All the charm of Highlights with Spanish language learning added!

Toys and Games for Kids Learning Spanish

Baby Abuelita makes dolls that sing traditional Spanish songs. These dolls are also available at major retailers in many parts of the country.


Spanish Bingo by Eeboo has clear pictures labeled in Spanish. Each of the cards has a theme, so children are listening for related rather than random words.

This Spanish alphabet floor puzzle is an excellent gift for preschoolers and beginning readers. Kids who already know their letters will quickly learn the words associated with each initial sound.

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