These funny Spanish jokes are a good way to practice language.

Spanish jokes add a little humor to learning the language. In addition, you can learn vocabulary, verb forms and culture from jokes. Below you’ll find funny Spanish jokes to make your friends laugh and keep you learning the language.

Why Learn Spanish Jokes?

Many Spanish jokes are funny little stories. So, telling these jokes is similar to recounting something that happened to you. It’s excellent practice for verb tenses and vocabulary.

Other Spanish jokes are basic questions with funny answers. Again, who doesn’t need more question practice? Learn to tell a series of question jokes. They are short and guaranteed to make your friends and fellow language learners laugh.

One of the best reasons to learn a few funny Spanish jokes is that you practice them each time you tell them. Even if you change the wording slightly, you need to understand the content. And the important vocabulary, structures and verbs are always going to be the same.

Finally, it isn’t always easy to keep up a conversation in a second language. Of course, learning jokes in Spanish doesn’t replace conversation skills, but they are a fun way to get in extra speaking practice and make your family and friends chuckle.

12 Funny Jokes in Spanish

Before you learn to tell a joke in Spanish, you need to listen to some and choose a few you think are funny. Watching native speakers tell jokes in Spanish is entertaining listening practice.

First, try listening to the jokes below. Choose several Spanish jokes you like. Remember, if you don’t understand the joke, you can turn on the subtitles by clicking on settings (the gear icon).

Next, learn to tell Spanish jokes by practicing so the expression and timing make them funny. Tell the joke over and over, so that you can deliver it easily. Remember, you’re not really practicing the joke, you’re practicing the language.

Videos of Spanish Jokes

Text of Jokes in Spanish

These are the jokes you hear in the two videos above. There is a PDF version that you can download below, so if you like you can print them and practice from a paper copy.

Jokes from Chistes 1

¿Por qué está triste el cuaderno de matemáticas?

Porque tiene muchos problemas.

¿Qué le dijo el número 1 al número 10?

Para ser como yo, tienes que ser sincero (sin 0)

Estaba un niño esperando el autobús.

De hacer la parada, se sube y le pregunta al chófer

“¿Cuánto cuesta el autobús?”

Y el chófer le responde “Diez pesos”.

Y el niño dice, “¡10 pesos! ¡Qué barato!

Yo lo compro. Bájense todos.”

La maestra le pregunta a Pepito “Dime cinco cosas que tengan leche.”

Y Pepito dijo “Ay Maestra, pues cinco vacas.”

Le pregunta Pepito a otro niño

“¿Por qué no tomas leche fría?”

Y el otro niño le responde

“Porque las vacas son muy grandes y no caben en el refrigerador.”

¿Cuál es el animal que es dos animales a la vez? ¿Dos animales en uno?

El gato, porque es gato y araña.

Jokes from Chistes 2

Estaba una manzana esperando el autobús.

Y en eso llega un plátano y le pregunta

¿Hace mucho tiempo que espera?

Y la manzana dice “No soy pera, soy manzana.”

¿Cuál es la música que le gusta más bailar al tomate?

La salsa.

¿Cuál es la fruta que más ríe?

La naranja jajajaja.

Estaba Pepito en la escuela, en clase de matemáticas

y la maestra le pregunta a Pepito:

“Si tengo 4 naranjas en esta mano y 4 naranjas en esta otra, ¿qué tengo?”

Pepito le dice a la maestra “Tiene unas manos enormes.”

A funny Spanish joke based on the sound a sheep makes, veeee, and the command form of the verb ir.

Estaban dos ovejas jugando a la pelota y se les va muy lejos.

 Una oveja le dice a la otra oveja “veee” y la otra le dice “veee tú.”

La maestra le dice a María

“Dime una palabra que tenga muchas o.

“Otoño.”  dice María “Tiene tres o.” 

“Muy bien” dice la maestra. “Y tú, Pepito. Otra palabra con muchas o?”

Y Pepito le contesta “¡Gooooooool!”

Printable Spanish Jokes

Download a free PDF of these Spanish jokes and start practicing!

Learning a few funny Spanish jokes is an excellent way to get additional listening and speaking practice. If you know a joke that works for learning Spanish, please share below. We’re always looking for new ways to laugh!

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