Fun spanish activites including songs, online games and printables..

Here are this week’s Friday Five – five fun Spanish activities to do with kids. These are low-prep ways to speak Spanish with children. Just a few minutes over the weekend (or during next week) will keep them learning Spanish.

1. Listen and read about trees in Spanish on the website Hablando de Árboles con Dr. Árbol. If you click on the Básico tab you can learn about the different parts of the tree. There are also tabs for learning about state trees, a teacher guide and more.

2. Listen to this song by Rockalingua to practice means of transportation. Sing along using the printable coloring sheet of the lyrics.

3. Try this fun Spanish speaking activity to talk about a picture of kids playing baseball. Read the description together and point to the picture to help your child understand new words. Then talk about the picture using the questions.

4. Play an active, fun Spanish game of Corners. This game can be adapted to colors, numbers, letters or vocabulary. If you are doing playing with vocabulary, you can draw a simple picture/symbol to represent the word (for example, places are fun: la montaña, la casa, el mar, el bosque), or write the word. There is a good explanation of how to play Corners on The Pleasantest Thing.

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