This game is designed to teach opposites to native Spanish speakers, but it is also a great online game for learning Spanish. It uses common Spanish nouns and adjectives and has plenty of visual support to make the questions clear, help kids find the right answer, and reinforce vocabulary.

There is a street scene, and the game makes a statement about the picture and asks a question with an opposite.  For example:

Hay un pájaro negro.

¿Puedes encontrar el pájaro blanco?

The subject of the statement (pájaro negro in the example) is always highlighted with a red star. If you’re not sure of the Spanish word, just look for the red star.  The question asks about a similar object, so you know look for that object. The answer to the question (pájaro blanco in the example) will be highlighted with a yellow star when you mouse over it or click on it.  When you click on the answer, you see the Spanish opposites as a pair and pictures to make the meanings clear. In the case of the example, you see a black bird and a white bird with the Spanish words negro and blanco.

The game teaches common Spanish vocabulary, and models adjective – noun agreement in a very entertaining format.

Click here to play an online game to teach opposites in Spanish.

These are the Spanish nouns that used in the game:

el automóvil – car

el avión – airplane

el cesto de basura – garbage can

el edificio – building

el gato – cat

la luna – moon

el niño – boy

el pájaro – bird

el perrito (perro) – dog

el semáforo – stop light

el sol – sun

Here is a list of the opposite pairs used in the game:

alto – bajo / tall – short

blanco – negro / white – black

cerca – lejos / close – far

gordito (gordo) – flaco / fat – thin

nuevo – usado / new – used

rápido – lento / fast – slow

siga – pare / go – stop

sucio – limpio / dirty – clean

triste – contento / sad – happy

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