spanish reading printable custom literacy book 3

spanish reading printable custom literacy book 3

I am happy to share a new Spanish reading printable from Custom Literacy. This sentence completion activity gives children the opportunity to cut and paste a word into a common sentence structure. Then they write their sentences on the Mis oraciones sheet.

Custom Literacy creates printable books and e-books for Spanish learners and Spanish speakers. Designed for pre-K through second grade, the books have beautiful illustrations and are culturally relevant.

This sentence completion activity complements Libro 3, Las aventuras de Pepe, but can be used with or without the book. It focuses on the structure Hay + sustantivo en + lugar.

Link to Spanish Reading Activity for Kids

Custom Literacy Sentence Building Activity – Libro 3, Las aventuras de Pepe

When children read the book before they do the activity, they are exposed to the language in the context of the story. The activity is a natural progression and reinforces the language and the skills children are acquiring from the book. The action of cutting out and completing the sentences enhances learning and writing the sentences provides important focused repetition.

If you do the activity without reading the story, you will want to create a context by using the same structure to express what is in your city or in another location. Consider watching these videos which use the structure to talk about fruits and vegetables in the market. You can also make a paper bag city and use the structure to talk about the buildings.

Write your sentences and help your child read them. Then do the sentence completion activity. Of course, if you read the story to your child, you can expand on the language using these suggestions.


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