Kids can learn lots of Spanish from a text-rich environment at home or in a classroom.  Posters, signs, bookmarks, screensavers, place mats, notepads – any surface with words is an opportunity to expose children to Spanish. HP México has some really cute printables in Spanish that will appeal to lots of kids. The graphics are fun and it is an easy way to add a little more Spanish to a space. Click the link to find doorknob hangers, signs for doors, window decorations and bookmarks in Spanish.  These are a few of the Spanish phrases you will find on these printables and the translations:

Carteles para el picaporte / Doorknob hangers

No entrar. / Do not enter. (The graphic is labeled Prohibido limpiar mi habitación, but the sign says No entrar)
¡Desorden a la vista! / Mess ahead!
Prohibido tocar mis cosas. / No touching my things.

Decoración para ventanas / Window decorations

Hola mundo / Hi world
Sol de la mañana / Morning sun

Marcapáginas / Bookmarks

Spanish for children bookmark

Comer, repirar, leer – Dormir, correr, leer – Escuchar, hablar, leer / Eat, breathe, read – Sleep, run, read – Listen, talk, read. (Graphic labeled Adicto a la lectura)

Érase una vez……y comieron perdices / Once upon a time…..happily ever after. Y comieron perdices literally means and they ate partridges. The phrase y fueron felices y comieron perdices (and they were happy and they ate partridges) is the equivalent of and they lived happily ever after. (Graphic labeled y comieron perdices)

Spanish for children

leer –  read
comer – eat
respirar – breathe
soñar – dream
andar – walk
hablar – talk
dormir – sleep
(Graphic labeled Loco por la lectura)

A little girl on the beach - Learn Spanish with Pictures
Video and activities to teach colors and listening in Spanish