spanish color activity

Rockalingua has a free 11-page set of printable activities to teach children Spanish colors and numbers. This is a wonderful set of materials for children who are beginning to learn this vocabulary or as a review. The printable activities correspond to a song and video, allowing for flexibility in presenting the material and using the worksheets.

These printable activity sheets:

– have a corresponding song and video. The music video makes the meaning of the language clear, teaches correct pronunciation and uses the words in context.
– include matching, coloring, answering ¿Cuántos hay? questions, two levels of word search and bingo boards.
– include support for speaking activities.
– use the language in a context by linking colors to fruit and the rainbow and including other relevant language: El arcoíris sale cuando llueve y luego hace sol. Si fuerte quieres crecer, mucha fruta tienes que comer.
– provide visual support for all of the words in all of the activities.
– provide necessary repetition in an entertaining and effective way.

The song, video and activities fit well into any elementary Spanish program and are excellent materials for home schoolers and other parents introducing their children to the language at home. The varied formats and activities create depth of exposure and tap into multiple intelligences and different learning styles.

Link to Spanish Color and Number Activities

Printable Worksheets – Colors and Numbers

Video – Colors and Numbers You can hear the song in this video.

Online Game – Spanish Colors

Online Game – Spanish Numbers

Activity sheets for the other Rockalingua videos and songs are also available with a subscription. The subscription is one of the best values I have found because the materials are so easy to use and fit with any curriculum. Most important, kids love the songs and learn so much Spanish!


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