Use this collection of free printable Spanish books for kids in the classroom or at home.

Reading is so important for building Spanish language skills! I love to read picture books and early readers with my students, but I also make free printable Spanish books to read in class and send home.

Check out our Spanish Reading for Kids resource page for more printable reading activities, activities for favorite picture books, and online stories.

I make books to read aloud, for my beginning readers to read on their own, and to share on Spanish Playground. The books are in PDF format, so you can print them or read them on any device or online.

Because I have a hard time finding picture books with the vocabulary and patterns I need for my students, these free printable Spanish books are the perfect solution.

My printable Spanish books have complete sentences. However, the sentences are simple and relatively short. In addition, I include high frequency vocabulary with a focus on the super 7 verbs.

These free printable books also have patterns, so that key vocabulary and sentence structures repeat. Finally, I want the books to be comprehensible input, so I make sure there is a close correspondence between the pictures and text.

Spanish Books For Beginners PDF

5 Printable Spanish Books for Beginners

These 5 free printable Spanish books inroduce kids to easy words in complete sentences.

I make these free printable Spanish books for beginners in PDF so my families can print them, put them on a device, or read them online.

The first set of the free printable Spanish books teaches basic verbs and concepts. The 5 titles are Es primavera, ¿Uno, dos, tal vez tres?, Busca los colores, ¿Qué hay en un árbol? and Grande y pequeño. Get the Easy Spanish Books PDF for Kids here.

9 Printable Beginner Books in Spanish

In addition to the free books on this page, we have a set of books available to purchase in our store. There are 9 books in the set, and they focus on common vocabulary and high-frequency verbs.

Get the set of 9 Spanish PDF Books for Beginners.

This set includes ¿Dónde está el gato? and as you can see in the sample pages the book focuses on estar and house vocabulary.

These free printable Spanish books can also be read on any device.

The set also includes ¡Les gusta la nieve!, a book that uses gustar and animal vocabulary.

These free printable Spanish books teach animal and weather vocabulary.

Those books are also available in the set with different levels of text.

Los animales se presentan

Los animales se presentan targets the first person of the present tense of ser and tener and features engaging photos of animals. Find a more detailed description of the book and suggested activities here: Spanish PDF Book: Ser and Tener

Learn Spanish Colors

This PDF ebook is also included in the set. It uses flowers to talk about colors. Learn more about the book at learning Spanish colors with flowers.

Flowers are a good way to learn Spanish colors.

Buena Gente Spanish Ebooks

These books are at a slightly higher level. Again, these are PDFs that you can print or use on a device.

The story corresponds to the video series Buena Gente, but you can certainly read them without watching the series. Find the free Spanish ebooks for Buena gente here.

You can print these Spanish ebooks to use with language learners.

Free Printable Spanish Mini-Books

Free printable Spanish mini books are perfect for little hands, and a great way of providing Spanish reading to families. Spanish mini-books on a half or quarter page are one of the easiest ways for me to send home the language we have been learning in class.

For some great tips on using printable mini books in class, read Kindergarten Mini-Books Tips.

As you can imagine, kids love building their own little library of printable Spanish mini-books. Most of mine are in black and white, so children can color the pages.

Printable Spanish Mini-Books About Summer

Free Spanish printable mini-books are an excellent home connection.

These two free printable Spanish mini-books are about summer. First, this printable Spanish book for beginners El verano, focuses on gustar used with other common verbs. The PDF has a full size printable book, a full-size coloring book, and a printable Spanish mini-book.

Free printable Spanish mini-books are an economical alternative to picture books.

Mi libro de verano is another printable Spanish mini-book for beginning learners. Check it out here: Printable Mini-Book from Fun for Spanish Teachers.

Mundo de Pepita publishes darling printable Spanish mini-books. This Spanish Summer Activity Book has a variety of language activities. You’ll find a grocery list to practice food vocabulary, a word search with summer words, and a bingo game with vocabulary for things kids see on the road.

Printable Spanish Flip Books

Flip books are another fun version of mini-books. I use flip books to focus on a specific verb form and vocabulary we have been learning. Try these two free printable Spanish books and you’ll see how kids like to read them again and again.

Printable Spanish flip books are a fun way for kid to practice vocabulary.

First, check out Spanish Flip Book: Las frutas. It’s a printable Spanish flip book for beginning readers focusing on the verb form hay and fruit.

Free printable Spanish books are an inexpensive way to send language home with kids.

Also, see this Flip Book in Spanish: Los juguetes. This printable Spanish mini-book is a flip book for beginning readers focusing on the verb form veo.

Free Printable Spanish Books with Activities

Children choose details to add to this story.

Free printable Spanish books often include activities. For example, check out this Add-The-Details Spanish Story. It’s a printable book with a fun cut-and-paste activity so kids can add the details they choose. The story was designed for beginners, but it’s a hit with all levels because they can create their own answers.

For another printable Spanish book with activities, take a look this half-page mini-book about Trees in Spanish. Kids read the description and draw the details into to book.

3 Free Printable Spanish Stories with Cutouts

Paper figures are an excellent way of engaging children with a story. I write printable Spanish stories and also make printable cutouts of the characters. That way, I can read the story and tell the story again with the cutouts. Then, kids can retell the story. Finally, children can tell their own stories using the paper figures.

Here are three free printable Spanish stories about Oso and his friends.

These are the figures to cut out and retell the story.

El Oso y las abejas

This story is at three levels of difficulty, with darling figures to cut out, color and use to tell the story. The story reinforces the important role bees play in our environment.

Spanish Story PDF: El Oso y las abejas

El Oso y sus amigos

You can use this story with cut out figures in the classroom or at home.

There are two versions of this winter story with cute figures.

Printable Spanish Story and Scene: El Oso y sus amigos

Un picnic en el bosque

This is another Oso story with paper figures.

Spanish Story with Cutouts: Un picnic en el bosque

Making my own printable books I can focus on the language my students are learning. For this reason, I create new books on a regular basis. I’m happy to share these free printable Spanish books with the families of my students and readers on Spanish Playground. Be sure to check back to see new additions.

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