Online games for kids teach farm animals in Spanish.

This is a set of activities designed for native Spanish speakers to practice farm animal vocabulary and numbers.  The activities are simple and short, and they are great listening practice for animals in Spanish.

Since I wrote this post, the technology for these games (Flash) is no longer supported. Many of the same games are now available in a variety of apps.

There are three types of activities. There are two levels of each type of activity, but both are very basic. Words used for animals in Spanish vary slightly from country to country. The games use oca (goose) and cobayo (guinea pig); these words are common in Spain. The other vocabulary is used all over the Spanish-speaking world.

1.  ¿Cuál es? (Which is it?) – Click on the correct animal. For example, you hear ¿Cuál es la gallina? There are three pictures. Click on the chicken.

2. ¿Cuántos hay? (How many are there?) – Count the pictures, and click on the correct number.  For example, you hear ¿Cuántos perros hay? There are two dogs. Click on the number 2.

3. De cerca (Close-up) – There are several close-up photographs of animals.  Click on the correct animal.  For example, you hear ¿Cuál es el gato? Click on the close-up photograph of the cat.

To get back to the list of activities, click on the pencil holder. These games are an easy and fun way to get extra practice listening for animals in Spanish.

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