math video in Spanish

Matemáticas en todos lados is a free Sesame Street Spanish language video available on Amazon Instant Video.  It is Episode 8 of the nine episodes of Aprende con Sesame Season 1 that are available to watch online and download at no cost. These videos provide exposure to authentic language with context and visual support.  Spanish language learners will not understand every word, but they will be able capture some of the main ideas and can also practice listening for key vocabulary.

Matemáticas en todos lados is divided into different scenes that deal with basic math concepts.  The scenes are short, can be watched individually and can be used with learners of different levels.

As with any video, be sure to watch the scene all the way though first before doing any kind of activity.  It is important for children to have the chance to listen and watch in order to use context to understand the language.  They need to do this without the distraction of an activity.

Beginners can use this video to practice listening for numbers while more advanced learners can listen for other key vocabulary.  With beginners, incorporate movement by having the numbers written on a sheet of paper and touching each number that you hear.  Remember that you can pause and rewind if you want to hear something again.

In addition to numbers, this is some of the key vocabulary in each of the scenes:
1. As the video begins, Abby is looking for her varita mágica (magic wand). She talk to el Conde (the Count) who is counting bats.

el murciélago – bat
sumando/sumar – adding/to add
restando/restar – subtracting/to subtract

2. This scene is about making pancakes.  In addition to numbers, it uses a variety of food vocabulary.

el panqueque – pancake
la taza – cup
media taza – one-half cup
la harina – flour
la leche- milk
el huevo – egg
la fresa-strawberry
el arándano- blueberry

3.  This scene uses a sandwich to talk about squares and triangles. The video uses the word emparedado for sandwich.  In many countries, the word sándwich in Spanish is more common.

el emparedado – sandwich
el cuadrado -square
el triángulo – triangle
el lado – side
el ángulo – angle
la esquina – corner
diagonalmente – diagonally

4. This scene is in an art class.  They talk about shapes and the number of sides each shape has.

la forma – shape
el lado – side
el octágono – octagon
el pentágono – pentagon
el triángulo – triangulo
el círculo – circle

5. In this scene, the characters are practicing a dance.   The video uses the dance to talk about sequence.

el baile – dance
mueve, mueve, salta – move, move, jump
la secuencia – sequence

6. In this final scene, the characters help Abby look for her varita mágica (magic wand).

arriba – up
abajo – down
encima – on top

math video in Spanish

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