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is a set of activities for native speakers who are learning to read and write. Two of the activities in particular are excellent for Spanish language learners because they are based on listening to native speaker audio. The first activity involves discriminating letter sounds and the second activity consists of ordering words in a phrase.

1. Discriminación auditiva
This activity involves listening to a letter sound and choosing a word that has the same sound. After listening to a letter sound, you listen to three words and click on the picture of the word that has the sound you are trying to match. You can listen to the sound and the three words as many times as you like by clicking on the speakers.  Also, because the words are represented by pictures, the meaning of what you are hearing is clear.

This is a great exercise for Spanish language learners. In order to pronounce Spanish correctly, they must be able to hear the sounds. It is also important for learners who are beginning to read and write, and an easy way to reinforce basic vocabulary.

To play, on the menu click the cloud with yellow writing, Discriminación auditiva. Then choose to play with vowel sounds or consonant sounds by clicking on one of the boxes on the left of the screen.  Click on the second box to play with vowel sounds. Click on the third box to play with consonants. (The first box uses common sounds that you match to pictures. There is no language involved, but the objects are common vocabulary, so you may want to play and talk about the pictures.)

2. Frases
This activity involves listening to a short phrase and then dragging and dropping the words or images in the correct order on the line below. You listen to the phrase by clicking on the speaker.  You can listen as many times as you like.

This is a good exercise for beginning readers to reinforce correct pronunciation.  Nivel 1 (Level 1) uses images and words to make the phrases.  Nivel 2 (Level 2) has only words.  For some Spanish language learners, Level 1 may be a better learning experience because the meaning of a key word is clarified by the picture. Level 2 is most useful for children who are reading basic sentences.

To play, choose Frases from the menu.  Then click on Nivel 1 or Nivel 2 on the left. After you have ordered the phrases, click the arrow to go to the next screen.

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