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This app is no longer available in the US store. I will update this post if the developer brings it back.

I love Letris and Words with Friends, but I have to admit that coloring is one of my favorite things to do on the iPad. It seems like magic! This free kid’s iPad app from OnlineFreeSpanish combines the wonder of coloring with your finger and native-speaker Spanish audio to teach the letters, letter sounds and vocabulary in Spanish. This app is free in the iTunes store.

Spanish Alphabet Coloring has a page with a picture and a word for each letter. The way the audio for each page is done is very useful for Spanish language learners. The letter name is pronounced, the word is pronounced, and then the word is pronounced broken into syllables. To help kids learn Spanish letter sounds, the letters of the word are highlighted as they hear the word. In the long run, the sounds of the letters are much more important than the names, so it is great to have all the letter sounds reinforced as the words are pronounced on each page.

I also like the drawing options on this kid’s ipad app. The most important tools are there, but there are not so many as to be overwhelming. The colors choices are great, kids can change the thickness of the line and they can undo what they have drawn step by step. They can also save the pictures they have colored.

There are no ads and no in-app purchases!  ¡Muchísimas gracias OnlineFreeSpanish!

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