Mealtime and snack time are great opportunities to speak Spanish with your child. Start by talking about a few foods that you serve on a regular basis. When you have used them for several days, add a few more.

la leche – milk

el agua – water

el jugo – juice

el pan – bread

el queso – cheese

el jamón – ham

el pollo – chicken

la manzana – apple

la naranja – orange

el plátano – banana

la galleta – cookie

Don’t forget to use:

por favor – please

gracias – thank you

de nada – you’re welcome

Me gusta. – I like it.       Me gusta la leche. – I like milk.

Make these words a part of your day:

– Ask ¿Quieres más (leche, queso, etc.)? (Do you want some more?)

– Write items in Spanish on your grocery list. Use the words as you shop. ¿Dónde está la leche? (Where is the milk?) Tengo cuarto manzanas. (I have four apples.)

– Cut out pictures of foods from magazines. Glue them to a paper plate to make a meal. Talk about what you are doing as you play. Tengo una manzana y pan. Me gustan las manzanas. (I have an apple and bread.  I like apples.)

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