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This website is great for talking about food in Spanish, especially if you are taking your children with you to the grocery store, or doing a food unit in Spanish. It from a Mexican supermarket, Alsuper, and lets families make and print a grocery list.

This handy tool has moved since I wrote this post. If I can find a new version, I’ll update the link.

The foods are divided into categories, which helps with the grocery shopping and also with learning vocabulary. You can select certain foods and print that list, or you can print the whole list and mark the items that you need to buy. The page is titled Lista de Mandado, or grocery list in Mexican Spanish. Grocery shopping in Mexico is hacer el mandado. In other countries, grocery shopping is hacer las compras or hacer la compra.

Grocery shopping is a good Spanish language activity because when you take an item from the shelf, put it in the cart and check it off the list, seeing the food reinforces the words that your child is hearing. Be sure to talk about what you are doing with phrases like Necesitamos manzanas (We need apples), or Aquí está el jabón (Here’s the soap).

Food vocabulary varies from country to country, but there are basic words that are used everywhere.  This list has Mexican vocabulary and also reflects the ingredients used in Mexican cooking. If you are teaching your children vocabulary from another country, you can make the list choosing vocabulary that you use.  When you print the list, there is space to add other items.

Click this link to go to the grocery list in Spanish. You can make a list by checking the foods you want and then clicking crear lista (create list). Borrar (erase) clears your selections and Imprimir todo (print all) prints the entire list.


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