A flip book in Spanish to teach children the verb ver.

The verb forms ves and veo are some of the first ones I teach my students. Ver is high-frequency vocabulary and also so useful for games and activities. I made this flip book in Spanish as one of the activities I do to teach ver.

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Spanish Flip Book to Practice Veo

This flip books goes with my video, Los juguetes del mercado, which also focuses on the verb ver.  We also read Oso Pardo Oso Pardo and do related activities, make a sticky collage and play lots of games to learn this important verb.

Get the Los juguetes flip book in Spanish.

The sentence in the book begins En el mercado veo… Then there are six different words that complete the sentence. Kids cut on the dotted lines and then staple the words to complete the sentence at the top. They cut off and color the cover, and staple it on the left edge.

Video to Accompany Spanish Flip Book

The video Los juguetes del mercado gives kids repeated exposure to the verb ver and gives them a context for the vocabulary. The words are presented using traditional toys in the market. I think all the Spanish Playground videos are pretty, but the images in this one are some of my favorites.

I like using the video and flip book in Spanish together.
– Kids hear the words in context with native speaker pronunciation as they watch the video.
– The question-answer section of the video lets kids practice producing the vocabulary in complete sentences.
– Kids color the pictures and hear the words again as you use them in sentences (comprehensible input): Coloreas el camión. El caballo azul es bonito.
– Kids read the flip book in Spanish, with the same sentences from the question-answer section of the video.
– You can reinforce ver and the other vocabulary playing games with the picture cards for the video. You can download the free cards in this post: Spanish Words Kids Love: Los juguetes del mercado  There are also more cultural notes and more extension activities.

Using the video and the flip book together provides plenty of focused repetition. Of course, you can use the video, picture cards and flip book in any order. The idea is that they reinforce the verb and give plenty of opportunity to practice the words in context.

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