spanish thanksgiving craft

Thanksgiving crafts are an opportunity to practice Spanish food vocabulary and words related to turkeys. Many Spanish Thanksgiving crafts also focus on what children are thankful for, so children can talk about family, friends and important things and activities in their lives.

Try these simple Spanish Thanksgiving crafts with children. Click on the links for more photos.

Food Pictures on Paper Plates

Pictures of food on paper plates – For this craft, kids make a meal by gluing food pictures onto a paper plate. It is one of my favorite Spanish Thanksgiving crafts because it is so simple yet provides lots of opportunity to speak Spanish. You can use food vocabulary as kids cut out pictures or choose from ones you have cut out. Then you can also talk about the pictures as they glue them down.

In addition to words for individual foods, you can use more general vocabulary like verdura, fruta, and postre.  You can also talk about colors and practice me gusta and no me gusta. It’s very simple and very effective!

Fruit Turkey

Turkey with fruit – Fruit turkeys are excellent Spanish Thanksgiving crafts. There are many ways to make them, but I like the ones where kids put fruit onto toothpicks and use them for feathers. The body of the turkey is an apple or pear.

As you make this cute turkey you can talk about the parts of the turkey and also the fruit. For the turkey, you use the words pavo, plumas, cuerpo, ojos, and pico. The fruit vocabulary is manzana (or pera), fresa, and uva. You also use a piece of cheese for the beak. Use sentences like these: La manzana es el cuerpo del pavo. Vamos a hacer las plumas. Pon una uva en el palito. Pon una fresa. Es una pluma.

Turkey with Vegetable Sticks

Do these Spanish Thanksgiving crafts to practice food vocabulary with kids.

Turkey with vegetable stick feathers – This is one of the Spanish Thanksgiving crafts that even your littlest language learners can help make. You can make the turkey heads beforehand and they can stick them on with double-sided tape. For the turkey, you will use cuerpo, cabeza, and plumas: El vaso es el cuerpo del pavo. Vamos a poner la cabeza. Ahora las plumas. Sí, la zanahoria es una pluma. The vegetable vocabulary is zanahoria, apio, pimiento morrón and any other vegetables you cut into sticks to use as feathers.

Thankful Plate

spanish thanksgiving circle

Thankful Plate I have seen Spanish Thanksgiving crafts made to look like pumpkin pie, but for language learners I like to use pictures, so it doesn’t look like pie. Kids glue or draw pictures around the edge of the plate to represent things they are thankful for. Then you write Doy gracias por on the top circle, cut out a triangle and attach it to the paper plate. As they spin the top circle they can complete the sentence with the different words: Doy gracias por mi familia. Doy gracias por el sol. Doy gracias por mi casa.

Thankful Tree

Spanish Thanksgiving crafts are a fun way to practice vocabulary with kids.

Thankful Tree – There are many different versions of this tree, and they are all terrific Spanish Thanksgivng crafts.  On each of the leaves, kids write something they are grateful for. The tree itself can be a real branch or a tree you make out of paper. The leaves are colored paper. You can add simple drawings to the leaves, on either side, to remind children what the words mean if the vocabulary is new. You can use the same idea to make turkeys and write the words on the colored paper feathers.


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