Printable materials in Spanish for National Fire Prevention Week.

This year we recognize National Fire Prevention Week from Oct. 5-11. It is an opportunity to teach and remind kids of how to stay safe by preventing fires and knowing what to do in case of fire. With all safety information, understanding is of utmost importance, so it should be presented clearly, in their dominant language. However, you can also repeat information and reinforce learning with materials and activities in Spanish. Fire safety provides a context for using lots of vocabulary related to homes and the forest.

Printable Spanish Resources for National Fire Prevention Week

This is a great activity book from the United States Fire Administration. It is not too hard and has lots of basic vocabulary that Spanish learners will recognize. The activities can be used during National Fire Prevention Week or anytime as a way to review house and safety vocabulary.

This is a preschool program on fire prevention  from the Burn Unit of San Diego. It has lesson plans and many printable activities for teaching children how to avoid fires and burns. Again, it is perfect for National Fire Prevention Week, but could be used as part of a unit on the house or safety at anytime.

These fire safety materials in Spanish are from The Hartford Junior Fire Marshal Program. They include an Educator’s Guide, Activity Pages, Coloring Pages, Junior Fire Marshal Badges, and Certificates of Completion.

This activity book on fire prevention is from Fundación MAPFRE of Spain. It was created for Fire Prevention Week in Spain and has a variety of activities that are appropriate for Spanish learners.

The Mexican government offers a printable game (similar to Battleship) where players are trying to put out fires. The descargar button will take you to another screen where you can enter personal information if you like, but it is not required for the download.

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