A fun infographic for talking about feelings in Spanish with kids.

Feelings in Spanish are part of the curriculum of most elementary programs. More important, they are essential vocabulary for helping kids identify and communicate their emotions.

TakeLessons has created an infographic that to help kids express their feelings in Spanish. Along with cute graphics, they have included the noun and adjective forms of 16 common emotions. With most of these words you can create sentences using sentir and estar: Cuando siento tristeza, estoy triste. Cuando siento frustración, estoy frustrada.

This infographic of feelings in Spanish features a boy and a girl, so be sure to take advantage and have students identify which form of the adjective that person would use. You can follow up by playing this game with vocabulary balloons. Kids love this game for practicing emotions!

There are many ways to use this set of pictures and vocabulary for feelings in Spanish. The simplest of course is to talk about our own emotions and ask our students and kids ¿Cómo te sientes hoy?  That is something we should be doing everyday whether it is part of a lesson or not!


Feelings in Spanish in an easy to read infographic.

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