Music for teaching Spanish to children

The songs from two of my favorite CDs for teaching Spanish to children are now available on iTunes. We Love Spanish and Sing, Move and Dance in Spanish, both from Spanish Together, are wonderful collections that teach Spanish to kids through great music.

You can read a detailed review of another Spanish Together CD Hands on Spanish here and about why I like the the song El Cuerpo (also called Cabeza, hombro) so much. You can also find specific suggestions for using the song Las Vocales here (also called A,E,I,O,U).

The songs on these CDs are based on familiar concepts, like the days of the week, opposites, and farm animals, so they teach lots of common Spanish vocabulary. All of the songs are short, fun to sing and lend themselves well to actions.  I really love the clear, native-speaker pronunciation – it is perfect for getting kids who are learning Spanish off to a good start with the vowel sounds.

Having CDs and songs from Spanish Together on iTunes makes it even easier to expose our kids to more Spanish and have fun at the same time. Thanks Spanish Together!

Adivina la palabra de hoy - One minute video to practice vocabulary and listening in Spanish
Kokone Mínimo from Mexico