Use these resources to teach kids about farm animals in Spanish.

Farm animals are often a part of our conversations with children. We talk about where our food comes from, the life cycle of animals and, of course, our own pets. Learning vocabulary for farm animals in Spanish is important, and there are lots of fun activities you can do with kids. Here are a few resources that I have found helpful.

Teaching Farm Animals in Spanish

Songs about farm animals in Spanish

Rockalingua has an excellent song for learning farm animals. It comes with a free printable lyric sheet with drawings. You can listen to the song free and there is also a free game. If you have a subscription, there are worksheets to go with the song.

En la granja de mi tío is the equivalent of Old McDonald. It is an excellent way to learn farm animals in Spanish.

Juancho Pancho is another version of Old McDonald. The article gives you a yoga sequence to do with the song. It is fun to sing and act out farm animals in Spanish.

Susy Dorn has a very sweet song called  Los animales de la granja that also incorporates animals sounds.

There are great chicken songs in Spanish. These are a few of the songs I use with my students.

Online games about farm animals in Spanish

Online Free Spanish has set of nine different activities to teach kids farm animal vocabulary. Kids identify animals, match pictures to words, do word searches and more. The variety of activities provides the repetition and practice kids need.

Printables to teach farm animals in Spanish

This is a printable version of a poem about chicks by Olegario Víctor Andrade. There are follow-up questions to use with Spanish learners.

Comecocos are folded paper games, often called “cootie-catchers” in English. You can find several designs for comecocos for Spanish learners here. One of them has farm animals in Spanish.

I have worked with an illustrator in North Carolina, Patrick Hitesman, to make several activities. These are fun and useful activities, but I cannot give them away. They are very reasonably priced though!

Encuentra los animales – A printable board game based on Go Fish. Kids speak tons of Spanish as they play!

Animal Picture Cards and activities ($3.00) – Animal cards of different sizes. I use these for lots of activities.

Los pollitos – A coloring/story book of the song Los pollitos. My students love to sing and read this book!

Jokes about farm animals in Spanish

Kids love jokes because they are like little stories. These jokes with animals will keep kids laughing and speaking Spanish.


Yoga and language learning are an excellent combination. Kids Yoga Stories has a new post with a farm animal sequence. Say the farm animals in Spanish as you do the poses.

You can also find a farm animal yoga sequence here.

Books about farm animals in Spanish

¡No, Tito, No! is one of my favorite picture books to read to kids learning Spanish. It is by Claire Masurel and it perfect for introducing kids to farm animals in Spanish.

The story Vivamos la granja is a wonderful picture book and song from Barefoot Books. You can find activities to do with Vivamos la granja here.

La vaca que decía oink is also an excellent picture books for talking about animals and language learners.

Photos of farm animals

Several of the Learn Spanish with Pictures activities feature animals.

For example, use these activities to talk about a photo of pigs or a dog.

This set of photos from Latin America includes many farm animals. There are simple captions so that you can share the photos with kids learning Spanish.

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