An end of school year activity for young Spanish learners.

School is winding up for kids, and many of us are looking for an end of school year activity. One favorite activity is to have kids record information about themselves. It serves as a record of the moment, and it also is a great way to review common Spanish vocabulary and structures.

Custom Literacy has provided Spanish Playground with a free end of school year activity where kids do just that – they record basic information about themselves. If you are not looking for something for the end of school year, this printable also works well as a birthday activity, or to mark the first day of school. Be sure to check out Custom Literacy’s store for wonderful printable books for children learning Spanish.

I like this activity for Spanish language learners because it can be used to provide practice with different skills. Young Spanish learners practice reading and writing as they complete the activity. It also makes a good speaking activity if you ask kids to share the information with a friend or present it to the class.

End of School Year Activity

Printable Activity from Custom Literacy

This end of school year activity has vocabulary and structures that I am always happy to review. Kids write about their age and height. They can measure each other, which is great practice with numbers and measuring. They also record where they live and a basic physical description. There is space for kids to draw a picture of their house and themselves, which provides the opportunity to use more words they have learned.  Thanks Custom Literacy!

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