A picture book by Mariana Llanos to help kids talk about emotions in Spanish.

Do you talk about emotions in Spanish with kids? Be sure to take a look at the picture book Mara sin cumpleaños. Peruvian-born author Mariana Llanos publishes stories for children in both Spanish and English.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, Mara sin cumpleaños is perfect for talking about feelings. It is also a very entertaining story! Mara sin cumpleaños is available on Amazon and on the author’s website.

Award-winning author Mariana Llanos also has a wonderful program of school visits using Skype or Google+. One of her lessons is about emotions, and she reads Mara sin cumpleaños.

Get more details about this school visit opportunity and learn how the author can talk about emotions in Spanish with your classes. Be sure to check out the gallery of photos. This looks so fun!

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Like all of the Spanish picture books by Mariana Llanos, Mara sin cumpleaños is an excellent choice for kids learning the language. Mara knows exactly what she wants for her birthday. When the day arrives, it seems that everyone has forgotten to celebrate. The book comes with a guide and activity pages for talking about emotions in Spanish with children.

These features make Mara sin cumpleaños a wonderful choice for language learners and for talking about emotions in Spanish.

Mara sin cumpleaños has

  • A familiar family setting with situations and emotions children will recognize. This makes the vocabulary more predictable and easier to understand.
  • Plenty of dialog. Dialog is easier to understand than explanations and descriptions. It is also fun to act out!
  • More plot than many picture books. Mara sin cumpleaños is a little longer than many simple books, but is told with concrete, easy language throughout. Kids get much more comprehensible Spanish than with many stories.
  • Patterns and clues to create a situation that let the reader guess what is going to happen. This anticipation balances Mara’s emotions.
  • Activity pages at the end of the book to talk about emotions: questions about how Mara felt at different moments in the story, a list of emotions to talk about with kids and coloring pages with sentences for children to complete and illustrations of different emotions.

Emotions in Spanish are part of the vocabulary of elementary Spanish programs. More important, it is essential vocabulary for helping kids communicate their feelings. Mara sin cumpleaños makes that task much easier!

You can learn more about Mariana Llanos on her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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