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Cinco calabazas, by Spanish Together, is a wonderful song for the week before Halloween or anytime. There is so much important language packed into this short, fun song! The video on YouTube is really cute and makes it easy to be sure kids are getting the most out of the song.

The structure of Cinco calabazas is familiar: there are five pumpkins, then four, and kids count down until there is only one. Then, they all come back.

These pumpkins have faces, of course, and so they are the perfect way to sing about emotions. The jack-o’-lanterns that disappear are tired, scared, angry, frustrated, surprised. But when the sun comes out, they are all happy. Kids will love the faces on the pumpkins in the video. I love them too, and not just because they are so cute. I love them because you can tell from the expressions what the word in the song means. Pictures for emotions can be really hard to identify, but these are great!

The best part of this song
In my opinion, the best part of this song for kids learning Spanish is something that you do not have to teach at all. The song builds on the way the vowel sound a is repeated in the word calabaza by pairing it with the words sentada (sitting), casa (house) and an adjective that ends in a. All those a sounds are great for learning agreement!

Just by listening, children are getting wonderful exposure to the way agreement sounds in Spanish. Even if they do not sing the song, listening they will begin to absorb Spanish structure. Singing the song, they hear and practice how the sound of one word relates to the sound of another. And they hear it, and sing it, again and again as they go from cinco calabazas to una.

You can download this song from iTunes. It is on the CD Jump into Spanish.
Get the song Cinco calabazas from iTunes.

The songs by Spanish Together consistently provide the same rich, carefully constructed exposure to Spanish that you find in Cinco calabazas. This is music that really helps children learn the language, so if you are looking for more Spanish songs for kids, Spanish Together CDs are an excellent way to go.


Spanish songs for kids

Sing, Move and Dance in Spanish is another great Spanish Together CD

Spanish songs for kids



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