Three resources make planning elementary Spanish lessons take less time and preparation.

Planning elementary Spanish lessons is a lot of work. Many of us teach multiple grades, often creating the curriculum. Even teachers who are given programs need to supplement to provide sufficient input. That is actually why I started Spanish Playground years ago, to collect supplementary materials.  So, yes, we are all excited to start the year, but there is a certain amount of apprehension too. It can be so much work!

Here are 3 concrete suggestions to reduce the time you spend looking for material and preparing lessons. These tips will make planning elementary Spanish lessons easier, no matter what grades you teach, the sizes of your classes or the curriculum you are using.

Incorporate Rockalingua into Elementary Spanish Lessons

Songs are an important element of elementary Spanish lessons.

Music is one of the best ways to learn a language. It is no wonder that teachers spend hours on YouTube looking for songs to use in Spanish class. However, many authentic songs are too difficult or not appropriate for elementary Spanish lessons.

Enter Rockalingua! Rockalingua’s free songs have lyric sheets with pictures, so you can use them with no prep. The songs will save you time and work, and you will be thrilled with how much your students learn.

Rockalingua is one of my go-to resources because:

  • The 38 free songs are written specifically for elementary Spanish lessons. The catchy songs teach vocabulary and grammar for units such as transportation, clothes, animals, house, family, and dozens of other themes covered in elementary Spanish lessons.
  • The free printable lyric sheets with pictures make it easy to create comprehensible input. You can use them for many different activities to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Rockalingua also has videos, games, worksheets and comics. They have recently added a online learning management system that makes it easier than ever to use Rockalingua with classes. You can check out the features of the LMS in this introductory video.
  • Rockalingua’s songs are always free, but take advantage of their free trial to check out all their resources.

Explore Elementary Spanish Lessons on TpT

Elementary Spanish lessons from Mundo de Pepita.

I’ve been teaching for a long time, so I remember the days before Teachers Pay Teachers. Spanish teachers everywhere were making great lessons, but there was no way to share them. We reinvented the wheel all the time!

Thankfully, those days are over. TpT is a tremendous resource, and you can save a lot of time by taking advantage of the materials there. You’ll find inexpensive activities and plenty of fun freebies.

There are many elementary Spanish lessons on TpT, so search by topic first. You will discover teachers with materials that fit your content and teaching style. Of course, Spanish Playground also has lots of free printables.

Two of my favorite stores are Fun for Elementary Spanish Teachers and Mundo de Pepita. Check out sample freebies from those stores and more of my TpT favorites here: Spanish TpT Stores: Top Teachers Sharing What Works.

Tap Into Community

Need an attention getter? Wondering how to handle assessment when you have hundreds of students? Looking for a new finger play for preschool? No matter what your question or need, you are not alone! There are many Spanish teachers out there, and believe me, someone has the answer, or at least helpful insight.

Our community is a talented, supportive and generous group. Although we teach in many different contexts, I have found there is always someone with a suggestion that makes my teaching easier and better!

I’ll mention the connections I tap into on a regular basis, but there are many others.  If you have a favorite, please share the information in comments.


Teaching Spanish to Children – This Facebook group is very active and helpful. Teachers from different settings participate, and everyone is supportive. It is a closed group, so request permission to join. It’s a lifesaver!

Fun for Spanish Teachers – The manager of this Facebook page regularly shares questions from readers and gets great responses. Follow the page for excellent resources and discussions, and if you have a question about your elementary Spanish lessons, let her know!

There is excellent support for planning elementary Spanish lessons on various social media platforms.

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are an excellent opportunity to connect with other teachers and learn from one another. If the timing isn’t right for you, you can always access the chats with the hashtags.

#earlylang – This chat will also be starting again in September. It is sponsored by NNELL (The National Network for Early Language Learning)  and is a great way to connect with other early language educators.

#charlaele1 – This chat (in Spanish) will be starting again in September. It is biweekly on Saturdays at 11:00 am (EST).

#langchat – This chat for all world language teachers has been around since 2011. It is not specifically for elementary teachers, but rather brings together language educators worldwide from different contexts and languages. There are lots of great discussions and ideas. Join in Thursdays at 8pm (EST) or Saturdays at 10am (EST).

Planning elementary Spanish lessons is challenging, creative work. We all want to walk into class prepared, with material we know is right for our students. By tapping into Rockalingua, TpT and the wider community of Spanish teachers, creating elementary Spanish lessons becomes much easier and more fun!

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