Elementary Spanish curriculum from Languages4Kidz includes lesson plans and picture books.

Languages4Kidz publishes curricula and children’s books for both elementary Spanish and English learners. I am excited about their elementary Spanish materials because they meet a growing need for resources that have more language. Visit the Languages4Kidz website to learn about all of their elementary Spanish learning materials.

Elementary school classes today include children who have different experiences with Spanish. In addition to students who are being introduced to the language, there are children who are exposed to Spanish at home and others whose dominant language is Spanish. Languages4Kidz has elementary Spanish materials that can be used successfully with all of these children.

Languages4Kidz also publishes picture books written by Graciela Castellanos. These books are quality children’s literature in their own right. They are also a key feature of the Languages4Kidz curricula. For Spanish learners, the books are an excellent source of comprehensible input. For children with more Spanish, the books provide engaging content and help them develop their language skills. At all levels, teachers can reinforce learning with extension activities related to the content and language of the stories.

Elementary Spanish Curricula

Languages4Kidz has Spanish curricula for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kinders. I worked with Amigos para siempre, the elementary Spanish curriculum for kindergarten. I am confident this curriculum could also be used successfully with other grades in elementary Spanish programs.

Key Features

  • Themed units teach language and basic concepts
  • Relevant themes focus on personal information and children’s surroundings
  • Detailed lesson plans incorporate music, stories, movement, and creative activities
  • Lessons include engaging, easy-to-prepare activities. For example, in a body parts lesson kids use mirrors to inspect and then talk about teeth and the tongue.
  • Songs and fingerplays relate to the lesson content
  • The cuaderno de actividades includes the words to songs and rhymes. More than a typical workbook, this text-rich activity book encourages children to engage with the language in creative ways. The completed workbook becomes an illustrated, personalized song book that children will revisit again and again.
  • Lesson plans are easily adapted to different class schedules
  • Strategies for supporting beginning language learners and beginning readers help teachers adapt the material.
  • Information about child development and and age appropriate activities supports the lessons
  • The content and structure is flexible enough to meet the needs of many teachers and students

An easy Spanish book for kids.      A Spanish book for kids about the five senses.

Picture Books for Elementary Spanish

Languages4Kidz publishes an excellent collection of original children’s books in Spanish. These picture books are perfect for any child learning Spanish. In addition, the books support the language and content of the Languages4Kidz elementary Spanish curricula. Finding quality Spanish picture books in the United States remains a challenge, so I am happy these are available on the Languages4Kidz website and from Amazon.

Key Features

  • Fun characters and engaging stories
  • Varied vocabulary, rhyme, rhythm, and repetition to create a language-rich experience
  • Focused illustrations which support the vocabulary and story line
  • Patterns to help language learners predict and internalize new vocabulary and verb forms
  • Age appropriate concepts such as the five senses and the life cycle of a butterfly are incorporated into engaging situations
  • A range of levels and subject matter, so you can find something for every child.

Languages4Kidz provides teachers and parents with the elementary Spanish materials they need to create a rich learning experience. Spanish speakers who have not taught before will find structure and support in the detailed lesson plans. Experienced teachers will appreciate the flexibility and quality content. Everyone – teachers, parents, and kids –  will love the Languages4Kidz picture books in Spanish. You can follow Languages4Kidz on Facebook.

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