Educational games in an app by Pacca Alpaca teach language and basic concepts.

Pacca Alpaca makes educational games for children. Both Pacca Alpaca Basic Language Learning app and Pacca Alpaca Travel Playtime app introduce children to global cultures using entertaining games and colorful, well-drawn graphics. You can find both Pacca Alpaca apps here.

Basic Language Learning Educational Games

Pacca Alpaca is an introduction to vocabulary for basic concepts in 7 languages. The app teaches colors, numbers and shapes using very clever educational games and native speaker audio. Knowing common words creates confidence and an enthusiasm for language learning. This positive attitude will help children when they begin to hear complete sentences in the language.

Features for language learners

  • The educational games are leveled, so kids hear an appropriate number of new words at a time. With a limited number of words, children absorb and remember them.
  • The native speaker audio is clear with natural expression.
  • The 9 games are so entertaining that kids want to play again and again. This is key because children learn and remember words when they are exposed to them repeatedly.
  • The games are short and hold a child’s attention.
  • These educational games create positive associations with learning language because they are pretty, creative and fun! This video preview of Pacca Alpaca will give you an idea of how cute it is.
  • This app is perfectly appropriate for preschoolers in their native language as well.

These games are set in Australia, and there is significant cultural content woven into the activities. To help you get the most out of the app, the creators have a free kid-friendly fact sheet about the animals, nature, locations and art kids see in the games. Print the fact sheet at bottom of the Pacca Alpaca Basic Language page. Then share the information with your kids as they play. The chances are that you are going to learn something about Australia too!

This app is the first in a series of adventures following Pacca Alpaca across the globe. I really hope the next destination is a Spanish-speaking country! I would love to see kids learning Spanish engaging with a location and culture this way.

Pacca Alpaca has been selected by Google Play to feature in their Play For Families Year End initiative over the holidays (Dec 21 – 30.) Look for a discount on the Basic Language app during this week.

Travel Playtime Educational Games

Pacca Alpaca is an educational app that teaches kids about global cultures.

This app is a collection of 50 short, fun educational games using graphics from cultural and historical settings from around the world.

I love the way these games are structured. Kids hear the place name when they finish the activity. For example, kids put pyramids, camels and other objects into a scene. When they are done, they see the Egyptian flag and hear Egypt. In other words, they hear the name of the country when it means something to them – after they have engaged with the content.

In Pacca Alpaca Travel Playtime, games like dot-to-dot, find the difference, drawing and jigsaw puzzles take on new life. There is something remarkably satisfying about doing a dot-to-dot of the Sydney Opera House and having it illuminate when you finish. You can watch a preview video of the app here.

You can learn more about these apps on the Pacca Alpaca website. Both of them offer a fun introduction to global cultures for little learners. Soon kids won’t remember a time they didn’t know their colors in Chinese, how to count in French, or what the Japanese flag looks like. What a great time to be a kid!

This post was sponsored by Pacca Alpaca. All of the ideas are my own.

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